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09-21-2012, 03:07 AM
Source: Sepultura69, aka wizard in titz, aka Me..
Venue: Down and Out Bar
Band: YOB

Jesus Tap dancing christ, this was one of the best shows ever.... before i proceed along. Two things..

YOB is one of the greatest bands that i have ever seen perform, and two...here's the setlist

Prepare The Ground
Burning The Altar
The Mental Tyrant
Grasping Air :bowdown:

Anyways, before i proceed to rant about what was easily one of the best shows that I have ever attended...and pretty much show of the year for me...

We need to go back to the past, there's no way in hell i can even go on with this review before bringing up some old shit that a lot of people on this board remember, it just makes the whole experience that i had at this show even more epic than it should be. Just the fact that I finally fulfilled my destiny on seeing the all mighty YOB makes me jump in joy... So lets go back to the past now, shall we?..

March 31st 2012, hands down one of the worst shows ever...

I ended up getting kicked out of a free YOB show at the glass house in pomona for accidentally blowing marijuana smoke in a securities face who showed up out of fucking no where, and this joint was also from the bands drummer. This dumb bitch behind me kept screaming for the joint to be passed. Unfortunately I was right in front of this dumb cunt on the front rail. As soon as i know it the jay is in the clutches of my hand and i take a fatt puff, the rest is history, next thing I know I get my ass kicked right out of the fucking double doors. For those that are at lost, here is the review of the show that I am talking about, I don't really wanna go into this whole ordeal, everyone who's been on this board long enough knows about this bullshit story, I puffed some weed that the drummer gave me, got kicked out right when the band performs the very first song, end of story... Here is the thread for those that wanna get a better idea of what the hell I am talking about...


Now that we got that old shit out of the way, fuck THE PAST, ITS ABOUT THE PRESENT BABY, AND GODDAMN WHAT A PRESENT I GOT FROM MIKE AND CO. :drool::drool:

I finally got to see the all mighty YOB this time around. No cuts, not buts, no getting kicked out, none of that bull shit. Once i got to the venue and claimed my spot in the very front next to the bassist Aaron, I was in, and nothing was gonna get me kicked out. You could pass me a pound of the best grass in the world and I still wouldn't smoke that fucking shit, not after what happen to me at the last YOB show, fuck that. I got the best of luck because I got to the bar at 11:12pm and YOB literally just get on the stage to set up their equipment. The turn out was pretty abysmal so it gave me the perfect opportunity to get a spot right in the very front, so i ended up thrashing out and head banging right next to Aaron through out the entire set. As far as i know this is contender for SHOW of the FUCKING YEAR, hands fucking down. HEAVY SOUNDS OVER HEAVY SOUNDS OF Thick crazy doom riffs from Mike and CO. I Was in a series of head banging frezniez during BURNING THE ALTAR, easily one of the heaviest fucking shit that I have ever fucking witnessed. During the first two minutes of BURNING THE ALTAR I was just loosing my fucking mind, going nuts and violently jumping up and down while banging my fist in all directions, head banging at MOCK-SPEED!!! MOCK SPEED, I TELL YA!!!

These guys are hands down one of the best live bands that i have ever seen, seriously, YOB is a sight to behold. Every member is just flawless at their instrument, and they show how amazing they are to their very fullest potential. Mike, Travis, and Aaron were just blowing me away as their guitar riffs, drums, and boom bappin' bass intertwined with each other creating some earth shattering heavy notes over fucking heavy notes. Mikes guitar riffs were slapping me back in forth causing me to headbang like a crazy fucking monkey, Travis's drums werecrushed my brain cells to little bitty pieces, and Aarons bass notes were just slamming my testicles to the cement floor and tickling them with his earth shattering shards of heavy bass waves, all of this was just heaven for me... Goddamn this was not only one of the best fucking shows ever, but hands down...one of the heaviest..

ONE OF THE HEAVIEST, fuck that, Heavy is an understatement, My balls were getting crushed to the cement floor from Aarons heavy thick bobbing chugging waves of Bass notes. Speaking of which; I don't know if it was because i was right next to Aaron, but goddamn he busted out some of the heaviest, most earth shattering bass notes that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I could feel my ear drums betting punched inside by all the bags and bags of heavy thick bass riffs, godamn every bass note sounded like a heavy bag of glass shards smashing into my goddamn ear canal. Aaron, you are one of the sickest bassists ever...So fucking loud...My rant won't do any justice to how incredible Aarons bass tone was at this show tonight....you just gotta be there to hear it, and right next to him for that matter!!!

Sadly we ended up only getting five songs for the show. At first mike said that they only have two songs left after they finished performing BURNING THE ALTAR. It was a big bummer for me. After two songs in you're gonna tell us you only have two songs left? But wait...Here's the best part.

Mike tells us that they are going to be performing the last half of "The Unreal Never Lived". He also said something along the lines of "We're gonna play the last two songs of THE UNREAL NEVER LIVED...So for those that only know the first two songs, or don't know this album at all...well...too bad" :lol:

I was pissed off but happy at the same time because I got to hear "Kosmos" and the godly 21 minute epic masterpiece "The Mental Tyrant". I gotta say It rustled my jimmies that they would only play four songs, after coming a long way to see them, and I DO MEAN A LONG WAY. From getting kicked out of the last YOB show, to making the one hour drive up to come see them tonight(and the two hour drive back home, goddamn freeways being blocked off!! I HATE DETOURS), I just wanted to leave knowing that I got my gas, money, and overall EXPERIENCE WORTH out of this whole trip, including the last trip to see them... Let me just say this before I go any further, THE MENTAL TYRANT was easily one of the most beautiful tunes that I have seen in a live setting. What blew me away was how good YOB was at replicating their music from their album counter parts and bringing it out to a live setting. It was almost unreal at times that they were playing all these songs so perfectly. Dare I say it...I honestly thought all the songs came out so much better live than on the records. I can't even listen to their CDS anymore after seeing them tonight. Esepcially with the set they played! At times I had to stop head banging so I could stand for a couple of minutes to see the band and watch how flawlessly they perform all these heavy godly tunes with out breaking a sweat, I was in awe! After Mental Tyrant was finished and over with I knew that these guys were one of the best live acts ever...done deal, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come...

This was easily one of the greatest endings to a show for me, hands down. So lets proceed along now :D

Once "the Mental Tyrant" was finished and over with Mike says that they can play one more song, just ONE MORE. I immediately put my fist in the air, raise the devil horns and start screaming in joy! words cannot describe how fucking happy I was when i heard him say they can play one more. My adrenaline was busting off the roof!! I should let everyone know that this was at a small tiny little shit hole bar, with a stage that is almost nonexistent. The band was pretty much standing on the floor with us! Felt very cool, up close and personal. The reason I bring this up is because the place was so small that when ever you said anything your voice would echoe through out the entire bar so everyone could here you crystal clear. Mike asks what song everyone wants to hear. The place goes fucking silent, not a peep from anyone, nothing. I end up screaming to the top of my lungs "GRASPING AIR!!!" "GRASPING AIR!!!" Mike, Travis, and aaron all immediately look right directly into my face. Mike and Aaron look at me and say "What did you say? Say that again?" So I start screaming once again "GRASPING FOR AIR!!!!" "GRASPING FOR AIR, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT DO THIS TO ME!! I DROVE ALL THE WAY FROM OC FOR THIS SHOW!!!"

The next part that begins was easily one of the greatest ways any band could end a show for me. And that is getting acknowledged and appreciated... Just makes my insides all warm and happy :D

Mike and Aaron proceeded to start tuning up their guitars for the last and final song of the set. Aaron comes right up to me, right into my face, wraps his arms around my back, puts his face right into my right ear and he says..

"This one is for you my man"..

Right after he says that to me.... Mike starts playing the opening riff of "Grasping Air"

JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

I just couldn't believe it. This was the one song I wanted to hear out of everything and they fucking played it, and my god they nailed it PERFECTLY, FALWLESSLY, YOU CAN'T EVEN COMPARE IT TO THE ALBUM VERSION! But what made it such and epic way to end it was the fact that Aaron came up to me and whispered in my ears that this song was dedicated to me! Fuck man, i hate to sound all over hyped over little shit but It's fucking great to get a little acknowedlement from your favorite musicians. He didn't have to say that shit to me but he did, and it really made my night! Right after he said that i replied back like a little toddler "AWWWW, THANKS MAN!!!", yeah as cliche as it sounds...i know...but what can ya do :D

I'm really glad i made it out to the show, even though I hate one hour drives to Los angeles :D

I felt like I conquoured a universe, finally seeing the epic YOB with out getting my ass man handled and kicked out like the last show, but the best part out of all this was that i finally got to tell Aaron and Travis about the entire story of me getting kicked out. Once YOB finished "Grasping Air" The band started putting away their equipment, luckily no one was going up to them for anything so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to them, just mono-to-mono. I got on the stage and started to talking to travis and arron, telling them all about what happened to me at the last YOB show. They were getting a kick out of it, and Aaron asked for my name because he wanted to tell mike later tonight about it. Travis kept apologizing and saying how it was his fault that I got kicked out, but i told him not to sweat it and that it was finally an honor to see him kick my ass with his epic drumming power. Anyways, Thats all folks. Sorry for the long sloppy summary. Some get a nice kick out of reading my reviews, some get irritated, i really don't give a shit. Long live heavy metal. I'm pooped out,

guh night folks :hmm:

09-21-2012, 04:22 AM
Awesome, awesome writeup sepwizard, I really missed reading your stuff. And yes, Aaron and Mike are the sweetest, nicest guys in the world. Aaron going up and hugging you and dedicating Grasping Air to you doesn't surprise me one bit. I'm actually surprised that Travis went on this tour, he didn't tour with the band last year and they had Rob Schaffer from Dark Castle fill in instead. Mike said that Travis doesn't really like touring. But dude, it sounds like you had an amazing time. The Berkeley show I saw with slap and brutal last year was fantastic, but I still want to hear The Great Cessation!

09-21-2012, 08:41 AM
Awesome, awesome writeup sepwizard, I really missed reading your stuff.

Thanks bro, twas a great show indeed. :bowdown:

It's just too bad we got shafted by one song :(

09-21-2012, 08:55 AM
That review was a great read, thank you! Sounds like you made up for the last one nicely. :blaze:

09-21-2012, 09:03 AM
That review was a great read, thank you! Sounds like you made up for the last one nicely. :blaze:

Thanks bro, and yes indeed it did make up for it BIG TIME. This show as well as seeing AUTOPSY earlier this year are the two best fucking shows of 2012 for me. Hands fucking down...Nothing will come close..

Jesus tap dancing christ...."Mental Tyrant", and "Grasping air"..sounded so fucking massive, SO FUCKING MASSIVE. It's just a bummer we got one song cut from our show. I'm 100% sure it was "Adrift in The Ocean" seeing how its one of the three songs they have been playing since the tour first started. And its my favorite song off Atma:(

But hey, I ain't complaining.. I'm just glad I finally got to see the fuckin' band :cool:

09-21-2012, 09:09 AM
Did you catch Cormorant?

09-21-2012, 09:09 AM
Aaron and Mike are the sweetest guys

Not to sound like one of those homosexuals the xians wish death upon...

Awesome review Sep69.

09-21-2012, 09:21 AM
Yeah, do you have a Cormorant set?

09-21-2012, 09:42 AM
Yeah, do you have a Cormorant set?

Did you catch Cormorant?

I got the best of luck because I got to the bar at 11:12pm and YOB literally just get on the stage to set up their equipment.

Or I guess you could say i got the worst...

Nah, sorry guys. I should have gotten to the show by 10pm but once i got on the 101 N, it was pretty much rape-ville U.S.A.

And by that i mean i got raped in the ass by the horrific hour of stop and goes on the freeway. Everything was smooth sailing up until I got on the 101 North. Once I hopped on the 101 N I was only two exists away and the bar is right off the exit. What should have been a measly two minute drive turned into an extra 50 minutes of fucking bullshit. And to top it off they blocked off the exit I needed to get off on so I had to drive a couple of more miles before I got to an exit..Only to re-direct my self back to the original location that i needed to be in. And finding the bar was a bit of mission as well for me.. :(

Realisticly I would have been in the bar around 10 and caught cormorant, but I didn't find parking until 11pm, and I got inside the venue around 11:12pm, and by that time YOB was on stage setting up their gear. It said on the paper by the wall that Cormorant played from about 10:20 until 11 I believe :(

Sorry illumanti, and idrinkwine... Forgive the brother :bouville:

09-21-2012, 01:23 PM
Awesome ! I knew it! they will never disappoint !
They always put something surprisingly amazing on every city they go , They are my top loudest and best show of the year too, Only SLEEP come close to the loudest !
My ear drums are still shaking from Tuesday!!!!! Haha!

09-21-2012, 11:14 PM
Your reviews are awesome man! I know how ya feel about that band fan interaction stuff. So awesome when a musician notices there fans and appreciates their fan base. I love it when band members jump in the crowd and sing with em or crowd surf and stuff. I know I know totally not gonna happen at a doom show but I'm sure ya know what I'm talking about.

09-22-2012, 01:17 AM
Your reviews are awesome man! I know how ya feel about that band fan interaction stuff. So awesome when a musician notices there fans and appreciates their fan base. I love it when band members jump in the crowd and sing with em or crowd surf and stuff. I know I know totally not gonna happen at a doom show but I'm sure ya know what I'm talking about.

Thanks man. :rocker:

I just realized something...

YOB performed pretty much the entire "Unreal Never Lived" Album. The only song they didn't perform off that album was "Quantum Mystic". dope... :D

09-29-2012, 01:25 AM
Amazing show. Agreed with everything in that review.

Here's a professional recording of "Kosmos". One of the best bootlegs I've seen.





09-29-2012, 03:42 PM
Here's a professional recording of "Kosmos". One of the best bootlegs I've seen.

Nice, I'm in that video. A couple of times, actually.. :D