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09-18-2012, 09:55 PM
Tonight was an odd night, as the infamous Harpos in the beautiful ghetto of Detroit opened its doors on a weekday, and featured the wonderful sounds of Korpiklaani. All the bands on the bill tonight, were great in their own right, I have no bad words to say about any of them. This was my fourth time seeing Korpiklaani (2nd time in Detroit), and as I expected there was not much of a turnout for a Harpos show (why they didn’t choose a smaller venue like the Magic Stick or Blondies is beyond me). For those of you that haven’t been to Harpos to quote Cam Pipes from 3 Inches of Blood, Harpos is like a giant cave. It’s a pretty huge venue, with a stage that is probably 8 feet off the ground, and has a disco floor on the second tier (which was actually lit up several times during the evening).

Jonne Järvelä is a great frontman, and the lack of second guitar didn’t hurt the sound of Korpiklaani at all. Though they had a rough start sound wise (Harpos almost always has terrible sound), it was fixed halfway through the first song. The setlist hasn’t changed much from other sets, other than the order of the songs, which for the most part is correct. They may have played Ievan Polkka, but im not entirely sure. Before Vodka, Jonne said something around the lines that it is illegal to drink vodka on stage, and then proceeded to drink from a water bottle saying that’s good water. The guitarist, Cane, than tried the water, saying “Your water is better than mine!” Which Jonne replied quite smoothly “Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” During Pellonpekko Jonne sneaked into the audience from offstage, and started dancing in the pit. Much fun and hoopla was experienced, and can’t wait till they come back to North America.

1. Tuonelan Tuvilla
2. Ruumiinmultaa
3. Juodaan Viinaa
4. Kipumylly :party:
5. Metsälle
6. Sumussa Hämärän Aamun
7. Langetus
8. Viima :rocker:
9. Vaarinpolkka
10. Ievan Polkka
11. Vodka
12. Rauta
13. Happy Little Boozer
14. Beer Beer
15. Pellonpekko

Tyr's setlist was the same as the other dates

1. Flames of the Free
2. Shadow of the Swastika
3. Hall of Freedom
4. Sinklars Vísa
5. Tróndur Í Gøtu
6. Evening Star
7. Hold the Heathen Hammer High
8. By the Sword in My Hand
9. The Lay of Thrym

09-18-2012, 11:02 PM
So...if you tried standing next to the stage, you wouldn't be able to see the show? That's stupid to have a stage that high.