View Full Version : 36 Crazyfists -- Lansing, MI -- September 14th, 2012

09-15-2012, 10:29 AM
The 1st band I saw was Deveraux. They were OK.

Know Lyfe came up next and absolutely killed it! The hometown crowd went bananas for them. Their set was so fun!

Straight Line Stitch took the stage next & played a solid set as usual.

Straight Line Stitch setlist:

Never See The Day
Laughing in the Rearview
Taste of Ashes (w/ Alfonso from Know Lyfe)
Sound of Silence
No Tomorrow
Bar Room Brawl
Tear Down The Sky
Black Veil

36 Crazyfists headlined. They started the set off right w/ the crowd really into it, but then a few songs in the guitar stopped working, and they kept having trouble w/ that throughout the set. That caused a few long delays and basically killed the energy of the show. They also had to cut several songs from their set to meet the 12:30 curfew. The speaker gods were not smiling upon them last night. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I've also come to the conclusion that they need to play "Circle the Drain" at every show from now on. What an awesome jam live!

36 Crazyfists setlist:

In The Midnights
We Gave It Hell
I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
The Heart and the Shape
Turns to Ashes
One More Word
An Agreement Called Forever
Slit Wrist Theory
Two Months From a Year
Circle the Drain
Left Hand Charity
With Nothing Underneath