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09-15-2012, 04:55 AM
Venue: Foufounes Électriques
Opening band: Encrust

Fucking fantastic show! I have tons of schoolwork to do (and school on a saturday :bouville:), so I can't write a real review, but here's the deal.

I had never heard of the Chicago band Encrust before, but they surprised me with their crushing Black Tusk/High on Fire sludge (with some occasional crust and death metal elements too). I missed most of Jungle Rot's set to eat a poutine, but from what I saw, their caveman delivered as much as it did on the Deicide tour. Decrepit Birth was perfect: the musicians were tight as hell (their live bassist was impressive), Bill Robinson was funny as always and they played fucking "Crystal Mountain"!

Then, for Broken Hope, there was a sense of nostalgy in the room. Many of my old-school metalhead friends (and non-friends) had come to see their first tour in 12 years and they were not disappointed. The Chicago brutal death pioneers were, you guessed it, extremely brutal. Their canadian filling vocalist was great too; his voice sounded low and fat, and his introducing speeches were hilarious. This was also a nostalgic date for the original band members since the Foufounes was the first venue they ever played outside the US, back in the '90s.

When the floridian legends Obituary came in, the venue was packed like I've rarely seen it before. As soon as they bursted into the first riff of "Stinkupuss", the whole place went nuts. These were some of the most violent pits I've ever seen. Obituary also had one of the best live sounds I've ever heard (that guitar tone and that John Tardy voice :drool:). Their 3-first-records-only set was one of the most fun things I've lived in a metal concert so far. The only lame thing about their set was the absence of a lead guitarist, since Ralph Stanolla is no longer in the band. Some parts almost felt dull (for example, the intro to "Infected"). Anyway, it's still fucking Obituary and they gave the best performance of the night in my opinion.

Jungle Rot (partial)

Let Them Die
Worst Case Scenario
Strong Shall Survive

Decrepit Birth

Of Genocide
The Infestation
A Gathering of Imaginations
The Resonance
Diminishing Between Worlds
Crystal Mountain (Death cover)

Broken Hope

Repugnance (intro)
The Dead Half
Dilation and Extraction
Swamped in Gore
Preacher of Sodomy
Siamese Screams
Remember my Members
He Was Raped
I Am God
Into the Necrosphere
Felching Vampires


Immortal Visions
Gates to Hell
Cause of Death
Chopped in Half
Turned Inside Out
Body Bag
Back to One
Killing Time
The End Complete
Dead Silence


(Drum Solo)
I'm in Pain
Slowly We Rot

09-15-2012, 07:20 AM
Thanks for the review! I'm still hoping they find somebody to play guitar with them, even though that's pretty doubtful mid tour. It really sucks that out of all the times they could be stuck without a lead guitarist, it's now. :bouville:

Edit: Did they play all of Chopped in Half or as a medley with Turned Inside Out?

09-15-2012, 08:09 AM
They played all of it. It was the best show I've seen in a fucking while man wow!
So happy they played Cause of Death, would've loved Find The Arise :rocker:

09-15-2012, 12:35 PM
Edit: Did they play all of Chopped in Half or as a medley with Turned Inside Out?

They played all of it and directly cut to the chorus of "Turned Inside Out".

@Nick: Ouais, c'est une de mes préférées aussi, j'aurais capoté. J'aurais bien aimé groover sur "In the End of Life" avec, mais bon on peut difficilement chialer avec un set de même!