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09-13-2012, 09:32 PM
Went to the Uproar festival, here's my review.
Soulswitch - The battle of the bands winner for our date, they impressed me, I think they definitely have the stuff to "make it", check them out if you like chevelle and breaking benjamin. - 6.5/10

Within Reason - They were good, just not really for me, if you like most rap-rock you might enjoy them. - 4/10

Mindset Evolution - Liked them a little, my only complaint is they completely ripped off a Foo Fighters song. - 5/10

Redlight King - By far the worst band of the day for me, nothing special about them (to me anyways). - 2/10

Thousand Foot Krutch - watched them from a distance, wasn't impressed, i think the only reason they've gotten the attention they have is because they're a "heavy" christian rock band, not to say it's bad they're a christian band, just bad that they basically milked the "christian rock" label to get their name out. - 4/10

Fozzy - Watched their set from a distance, Chris Jericho sounded great, i want to actually watch them one day. - 6/10

P.O.D - Only saw half of their set unfortunately, but i enjoyed what i saw, definitely want to see a full set some day. - 7/10

Adelita's Way - The crowd seemed to enjoy them but i didn't, they weren't bad, just nothing i haven't heard 100 times. - 5/10

Staind - My 2nd time seeing them, and they were flawless, every song sounded even better than it does on CD, Aaron Lewis is such a good vocalist live it's crazy, for those of you who say he's too "boring" of a vocalist, check them out live if you can, i guarantee you you'll be blown away. - 9/10

Godssmack - 3rd time seeing them in the last year, they're the same show every time but they're always fun, i just hope they change their setlist up a little next time. - 8/10

Shinedown - The band sounded great, they really interacted with the crowd unlikely any others I've seen, Brent Smith really connected with the crowd on a personal level, and as good as he sounds on CD, he's 10x better live, definitely check them out if you get the chance, they are a must see live band for rock fans. - 9/10
Stuff i got

Staind - Self Titled
POD - Murdered Love (signed)
Godsmack - Good Times, Bad Times: 10 Years Of Godsmack (signed)
Shinedown - Amaryllis.
Drum head signed by staind
drum head signed by Shinedown
poster signed by POD

09-13-2012, 10:07 PM
I was at this too. I had school til 3:00 though so I got there around the time Fozzy ended. My reviews:

P.O.D.: Didn't watch since I was waiting to meet Shinedown (I had a friend buy the album, he ripped the wristband off, and I stuck it on with a piece of gum. :p).

Adeltia's Way: I was surprised at how energetic they were. I have a friend who kept insisting they were good, so I can say I agree now that I saw them. Songs started to get bland near the end though. I got my only guitar pick of the day from them. 7.5/10

Staind: Third time seeing them. Probably the worst of the three times, but still good. Aaron looked bored most of the time though. Some of the newer, heavier songs kicked ass though. I actually wished they had played more of that heavy stuff. 7/10

Godsmack: Third time for them as well. However, long story short, I didn't have a good view for them either time, so this was my first real "in-the-pit" experience, and they were awesome! The energy in their songs translates really well in a live setting. The dueling drum solo is also always a plus. He took a bit too much time trying to get the crowd amped though. Best band of the day for sure. 8.75/10

Shinedown: This also my third time seeing Shinedown too (I had never seen any of these bands at the same show before though, so three times each is a coincidence). They were definitely solid. This was probably the second-best time seeing them. Lots of energy, no doubt. They really tried to connect with the audience, and they had a great stage production. They could have sounded a bit more tight, and could have made a couple better set choices (No Save Me? Really?), but still very fun. 8/10

I got to go for free, and paying for a pit upgrade was only $20, so it was definitely worth it. It was also nice to walk away with the signed Shinedown album and the Adeltita's Way pick.

09-14-2012, 01:56 AM
Shinedown just pisses me off with the setlist they pick now. I like the last 2 albums alot, but seriously the first 2 are awesome. Cut out that annoying ass version of Simple Man and a new song and they can play Heroes and Save Me.

09-14-2012, 08:20 AM
The crowd reaction to Simple Man says that taking it out of the set would be a big mistake.

Normally don't go to rock shows like this, I'm more of a metal guy, but I enjoyed it. Don't really remember much, got stupid drunk. Jumped the rail to get in the 'pit' during Mudshovel, got caught, detained and almost got kicked out but they let me back in for who knows what reason. I decided to try again, didn't get caught this time and ended up front row for the last half of Shinedown.

Was really shocked that all these radio bands couldn't sell enough tickets to keep the lawn open.

09-14-2012, 11:29 AM
Was really shocked that all these radio bands couldn't sell enough tickets to keep the lawn open.

It was a thursday night, and people are in school, didn't surprise me.

09-14-2012, 11:42 AM
I got a ton of good pictures of Godsmack and Shinedown, but i haven't uploaded them yet, these are just ones i took with my phone.








09-14-2012, 07:09 PM
It was a thursday night, and people are in school, didn't surprise me.

Good points, but it also got over 2 hours before Mayhem does (10:30). Was really expecting a bigger crowd.