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Zla Vydra
08-31-2012, 07:26 AM
In the spirit of Beaner's review of the Chicago Morbid Angel show 20-odd years ago, I thought I would gaze way back to 1988, my senior year of high school, and the first time I witnessed the mighty Voivod. (Thanks to RampinUp for providing me with the date. I knew it was between Thanksgiving and Christmas of that year.)

Atlanta was in a venue transition that year. The Metroplex, the long-time metal/punk/alternative venue was on the decline, and the Excelsior Mill (now the Masquerade), an odd, three-level structure, was starting to book shows. This was my first time there, and they were experiencing some growing pains, some to our advantage.

First, before entry, my friend and I encountered an acquaintance from school who had already had his hand stamped for re-entry. Wondering if his stamp would rub off on our hands, we gave it a try, and voila, it worked. Free show! Hopefully Voivod will forgive us for this transgression. I have bought all their cd's over the years... If you're wondering, the club did fix this flaw by the next gig (Danzig, I think).

On to the show.. Vio-lence opened and, although I was quite enamored of them by this time, having seen them open for Testament the previous August (and just about blow the roof of the Metroplex), things just weren't working for them this night. I don't know if perhaps it wasn't the right audience (strictly Voivod fans), horrible sound (cleared up a bit by the time the headliner came on), or what, but they couldn't resurrect the magic of the time before. I know they played “Eternal Nightmare” and “Serial Killer” but honestly don't remember anything else from this performance.

After that, we worked our way up front. In other words, we walked right up front, where, “security” had placed some tables on their sides in front of the “stage” as a barrier. Well, there wasn't really a stage. The bands were really just playing on the floor. As I said, the venue was new. Imagine that these days. Think of tables being thrown around...I suppose it really never occurred to anyone back then. Anyway, Voivod came on and went into:

1. Overreaction (An odd opener. It took me a minute to figure out what it was.)
2. Experiment
3. Tribal Convictions (Their “hit” at the time)
4. Chaosmongers
5. Ravenous Medicine (My fave)
6. Korgull the Exterminator
7. Technocratic Maniplators
8. Macrosolutions to Megaproblems
9. War and Pain Medley (I Live for Violence/Nuclear War/Voivod – Snake gave me a chance to yell “Voivod!” during the chorus.)
10. Brain Scan
11. Psychic Vacuum
12. Order of the Blackguards
13. Holiday in Cambodia
14. Batman

So they played all of Dimension Hatross except “Cosmic Drama,” which I found rather odd. This show had a killer atmosphere which I've remembered for years. I bought a cool white t-shirt which I held onto for a long time. I wish more bands sold non-black shirts.

I ended up seeing them four more times – on the Nothingface tour, twice for Outer Limits, and once with Eric Forrest (which was surprisingly awesome), but this show was by far the best.

I'll do more reviews of shows “back in the day” if anyone is interested.

08-31-2012, 07:34 AM
Thanks for posting this! Looking back at it now, that's a really cool set, but if I was there I would have been really disappointed that they didn't play Killing Technology or Ripping Headaches.

09-01-2012, 02:24 AM
saw this tour in Long beach CA early Dec 1988

show was Voi Vod Vio-lence and Forbidden

decent crowd but Voi Vod were weak and both forbidden and Vio-lence blew them away most people left just as had happened the year before when Voi Vod headlined over Kreator and Nuclear assault at the same venue

the only time I saw Voi vod where they were really good was when they opened for Celtic Frost summer 1986 great crowd great show

anyways trip down memory lane thanks for posting !!!!:rocker: