View Full Version : Pentagram's Bobby Liebling recovering from accident

08-30-2012, 05:13 AM
Bobby Liebling is hard to kill. He suffered a bad bicycle accident today while he was out running errands for his wife and child. As he came around a curve, his front wheel hit a stick that was partially covered up in some loose sand. He was thrown into the road and slide several feet with his bicycle landing on top of him. Banged up, bleeding and dizzy, he made his way home where he was immediately taken to the emergency room. He suffered an elbow injury, bruised ribs and received 12 staples in his head. FEAR NOT….the show must go on! He’ll still be performing with PENTAGRAM at The Power of the Riff - East this Saturday, September 1st @ Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY. He and the band will still be performing their Decibel magazine “Hall of Fame” album, “Relentless” in its entirety. Come on out and show your support!