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08-18-2012, 05:33 PM
Y&T, Aug. 17, 2012/Aug. 178, 2012. Club Red, Tempe, Arizona
Lineup: Dave Meniketti (vocals/lead guitar), John Nymann (guitar), Brad Lang (Bass) and Mike Vanderhule (drums)

If you've never seen a Y&T show, do yourself a favor and do so. These guys never disappoint, and what is impressive is the time they give to the fans. Whereas most bands playing small clubs put in an hour and a half on stage at most, Y&T delivers a full set as if they are playing to a packed arena. This is the second year in a row I've seen them at Club Red, last year the show clocked from midnight to 2:20 a.m. This year they took the stage a little earlier, 11:18 p.m., and played until 1:45 a.m., even longer total time than last year. For my money, Dave Meniketti is the best at what he does: lead vocalist/lead guitar player in a rock/metal band. He smokes on stage, pure and simple. Here is the set list:

From the Moon/Open Fire
Hard Times
Black Tiger
Dirty Girl
Rock n Roll is Gonna Save the World
Mean Streak
Lonely Side of Town
Midnight in Tokyo
Shine On
Blind Patriot
Winds of Change
Don't Bring Me Down
I'm Coming Home (Dedicated to Phil Kennemore, as there were several Kennemores in attendance at the show)
Drum Solo
25 Hours a Day
I'll Cry For You
Squeeze (Nymann on vocals)

Beautiful Dreamer
Rescue Me

Then Dave took fan requests, and after many fans yelled for this favorite, a beautiful woman took the stage asking for it too, and Dave, after checking her out, said, "How can I refuse that?"

Summertime Girls

Then he asked a woman who brought them banana bread what she wanted to hear and it was this:


Then he said, "The show is over." Lang said, "I see that look in your face, I don't believe you." Dave paused and then started into a blues tune, sorry, don't know where it was from (his solo disc or a cover). And after playing that song for about five minutes, he cut it off and said now it is over and the night was done. What a show. Great performances by all four musicians. Money and time well spent, couldn't ask for more.

08-18-2012, 06:49 PM
I saw these guys opening for Dio on the Sacred Heart tour in '85.

I still remember Mean Streak, great song ...they were ok I guess

Cheers !

08-18-2012, 08:40 PM
All of that and no Don't Stop Runnin?!?

08-19-2012, 04:22 AM
I drove 3.5 hours to see them two years ago. Worth every minute.