View Full Version : The Tour -- Louisville, KY -- August 1st, 2012

08-05-2012, 02:42 PM
Motley Crue setlist

01. Saints of Los Angeles
02. Wild Side
03. Shout At The Devil
04. Same Ol' Situation
05. Sex
06. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Tommy Lee rollercoaster drum solo
09. Mick Mars guitar solo
10. Live Wire
11. Primal Scream
12. Dr. Feelgood
13. Girls, Girls, Girls
14. Kickstart My Heart

I thought the Crue were really good this time, as usual. Not their best gig, but I thought they were better than KISS even, I liked KISS. The only thing I can complain about BOTH of their sets is that they're too short.

KISS setlist

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Shout It Out Loud
03. I Love It Loud
04. Firehouse
05. Love Gun
06. War Machine
07. Shock Me
08. Tommy Thayer/Eric Singer Jam
09. Hell or Hallelujah
10. Gene Simmons bass Solo
11. God of Thunder
12. Lick It Up
13. Paul Stanley guitar solo
14. Black Diamond
15. Rock 'N Roll All Night

Yeah, the stage show was the same and the set was short, but I still enjoyed it. Paul sounded better than ever at this one though. The thing I think is that they should drop the solos and replace them with songs, they wouldn't waste so much time.