View Full Version : Helmet -- New Orleans, LA -- July 22nd, 2012

07-27-2012, 08:28 AM
I remember seeing there were a few people interested in the Helmet/Toadies tour. I just got this off setlist.fm I really hope I can make this in a few weeks. Might be one of my favorite Helmet sets I've seen.

Swallowing Everything
So Long
Welcome to Algiers
Bad Mood
On Your Way Down
Wilma's Rainbow
White City
In Person
In the Meantime

Just a great set. Love Blacktop, Rennovation & most importantly for me Pure are all on there. I don't know if they play last or if the Toadies do. I'll post Toadies as well. I'm guessing based on the length Toadies are probably closing.

I Come From The Water
Push The Hand
No Deliverance
Summer Of The Strange
Paper Dress
Song I Hate
Little Sin
Beside You
Possum Kingdom
Hell in High Water
I Burn
Rattler's Revival

07-29-2012, 02:47 PM
Thanks for the post. I like that Helmet set. If I get that in two weeks, I'll be happy. No Unsung though...

08-04-2012, 10:07 AM
It took me a little longer than I wanted but I did just post their set from Jacksonville, which was just two days after New Orleans. You might be a little disappointed but they are changing the set from night to night it appears. The good thing is that no matter what their set is on any given night, Helmet is no doubt going to kick some serious ass.

Having grown up in Baton Rouge one of my old concert going buddies now lives in New Orleans. He went to the show there but was going mainly for the Toadies and was not familiar at all with Helmet. I filled him in a little beforehand to let him know what a treat he was in for. He loved Helmet. Said he was blown away and that they just crushed it. Pretty sure I would have preferred the New Orleans set to the one we got here in Jax but like I said, it's hard to be disappointed at all with a Helmet show. Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to seeing what kind of set you get.