View Full Version : Morne -- Pomona, CA -- July 21st, 2012

07-25-2012, 01:08 AM
Due to work and little interest in the other bands, Total Fucking Destruction was the only other band I saw. They were entertaining and good for what they were but just not my thing.

Morne blew me away though. Asylum was one of my favorite records from last year and they delivered in a live setting. The band was very technically sound and I was impressed with the drummer. The vocalist Milosz, pulls everything together with his intense yells. I was hoping for "I Will See You" but I can't really complain about the choice of songs too much. The new track sounded really good.

Edge Of The Sky
Untold Wait
New song
My Return

Untold Wait

New song & My Return

07-25-2012, 07:22 AM
I got to the show around 12:30 and waited in line until I got my wristband and then grabbed some free vinyl and walked to my car. I soon met up with elturtle and we went inside to see Seas Shall Rise or whatever they're called cause it was cooler in the venue than outside. I thought they were pretty cool at first, but then their songs seemed to drag out and I just couldn't wait for them to get over. Right before they ended, treghet walked in and met up with us. Between sets we just hung out for a bit and waited for Skarp to go on. I was happy they opened with Requiem. I thought it sounded kind of weird, so we moved to another part of the venue to get a better sound. The bass went out right away so they were changing amps heads while finishing the song haha. They played for about 30 minutes. There was a pretty cool pit going on for about half their set. I had to leave before the last song because I had work 15 minutes after their set ended. The last song I saw was their Napalm Death cover. It was definitely good times.

The Colonel
07-25-2012, 08:58 AM
I wish I could've made it out for this. Seas Will Rise, Skarp, and Phobia are all good friends of mine, and Morne is one of the most crushing bands to come out in a long time. I've heard from several people that TFD was absolutely atrocious at this show though.

07-26-2012, 12:48 AM
TFD did a meh job and they where the main reason I went. I talked the drummer after. Super cool dude. Phobia /Skarp had the best sets of the day. Even tho phobia played super short. Seas Will Rise were pretty cool and I didn't like mourne.

07-27-2012, 02:56 AM
Here's the Phobia set. Some of it may be out of order, but I think I got all the songs right.

Bring the War
So Full of Hate
Savannah's Assault
Fuck What You Think
Drunken Spree of Violence
Rise Up
Dying for Who?
Death to False Punks
Blind Arrogance
Ultimate Suffering
If You Used to Be Punk, Then You Never Were
Selfish Minds
Cheap Life
Beer, Bitches and Bulletbelts
Get Up and Kill
Instruments of Deception
Contest to Amend