View Full Version : Kiss -- Virginia Beach, VA -- July 21st, 2012

07-22-2012, 06:11 AM
Same sets as Bristow last night.

Scored my ticket off Craigslist at the last minute. 11th row center behind the orchestra section for $50.:D It rained like hell yesterday so the trek to and inside the venue was a nasty slog. Had to park in a grassy field that had turned completely to muck. Saw a number of cars stuck on the way out. Got there just as the first Motley song started (thanks to 2 accidents, one of which was in the line to park your car:hmm:).

Don't know how to feel about Crue. Vince sounded horrible, they all looked like douches, the girls and the constant f this, sex that were over-the-top and kinda stupid, some of their music is horrible, yet I was entertained. their stage is pretty cool and a few songs like Shout at the Devil are decent. Tommy's drum solo was musically the worst shit I've ever heard but visually pretty cool. At the end of the day I may think they're idiots but they did entertain me.:lol:

Kiss was great as always. Paul sounded much better than in 2010 and I really enjoyed War Machine and God of Thunder. Tommy seemed to really be on it last night. I was pretty impressed with his performance. The pyro at the end of their set was pretty crazy even for them. I was definitely left wanting more, can't wait for their own tour next time.

Here's a rant though. I didn't see The Treatment but I saw them open for Alice Cooper in Germany. They are nothing special at all. They are not bringing people in and they are not a reason someone would buy a ticket. So why are they here? If they weren't on this tour then Motley could start at 7 and play till 8:45 and Kiss could go 9:15 to 11. Or even 7:30 to 9 and 9:30 ton 11. Complete waste of time to have them play, especially since Kiss has had to go past curfew both shows so far (this one ended at about 11:15).

All in all a very fun night, can't beat a 160 dollar ticket for 50.:party: