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07-20-2012, 05:24 AM
This was an awesome show! It was at The Devil's Cellar and was my first time being there. It's a pretty small place; it reminds me of the Hard Luck Bar before it was renovated. They'd be lucky to hold 100 people in there. Unfortunately last night's attendance was much worse. If you exclude the bands and their girlfriends, there couldn't have been 10 people there. In some ways, this made it all the more fun, as there was no stage and I was standing inches away from the headliners!

I arrived around 9:20 only to find that the show had been pushed back an hour (I assume this was done on purpose, so we'd see everyone). Meathook was up first and they sounded like a hardcore punk/thrash band. They were really tight, but not my thing. Up next was Killapse, who played thrash/death metal as a three piece. They were kind of awkward; they weren't as well rehearsed as the other bands and the drummer was the least metal looking guy I'd ever seen. Also, the guitar player messed up a few times on a less distorted guitar piece. I can't really fault them because I know I wouldn't do any better, but as soon as Screamer hit the stage around 11, it was clear just how much better they were. Coming from Sweden, these guys played some solid heavy metal. Even with the small turnout, the band was rocking throughout and convinced me that they were awesome. After their set, I bought a CD and attempted to buy a patch, but they gave it to me for free because they didn't have change. I said to keep the change because I felt bad for them coming all this way and having nobody know any of their songs, but the singer gave me change anyways. Finally, around midnight, Alcoholator came on. If you've never heard them, go buy "Coma" right now! Every song was played faster than on the record and they threw in quite a few covers too. The two guys next to me were going nuts (one of whom was in a wheelchair some of the time, and was up walking around part of the time). They only played 45 minutes, but it felt like longer because they were really ripping through the songs. 4 covers was a bit excessive because they didn't play one of my favourites "Abduction", but it was still a great set.

Setlist is probably out of order, but should be correct:

Intoxication 101 (?)
Punch Drunk
The Chamber
Pounding Metal (Exciter cover)
Zombie Attack (Tankard cover)
Wasted (All The Time)
Liquid Thrash
Cross Me Fool (Razor cover)
A Lesson In Violence (Exodus cover)
Drink Beer... Or Die Trying

07-20-2012, 05:26 AM
Great band! :rocker:

07-20-2012, 08:11 AM
Hell ya!!

07-20-2012, 06:21 PM
Seeing this show on Sunday! Should be a great party! This Screamer band seems really interesting, I'll have to check them out before the gig.

07-20-2012, 06:52 PM
Seeing this show on Sunday! Should be a great party! This Screamer band seems really interesting, I'll have to check them out before the gig.

Definitely give them a listen beforehand. I've really been enjoying their album today.