View Full Version : 3 Inches of Blood -- London, Ontario -- July 7th, 2012

07-08-2012, 01:01 AM
This show happened at Call The Office and was only $12. There was a decent amount of people for a metal show, but i was expecting more. Probably around 50 people there. 3 Inches of Blood were fantastic as always. I was surpried at how much they played from Fire Up The Blades, but theres nothing wrong with that. Here's the set.

1. Leather Lord
2. Deadly Sinners
3. Metal Woman
4. 4000 Torches
5. The God of Cold White Silence
6. Demon's Blade
7. Night Marauders
8. Dark Messenger
9. Isle of Eternal Despair
10. Battles and Brotherhood
11. Trial of Champions
12. The Goatriders Horde