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07-01-2012, 03:00 PM
Yes, once again I know this is not a metal band, but if that's the reason you don't want to read it or the reason some of you might possibly want to make the stereotypical "you suck, that's not metal" comment, just leave this review and go read another one here instead.

I went to this show with a close friend, his mom, and his uncle. This show was part of Milwaukee's annual Summerfest. I had seen bands in the past on the smaller stages, but this was my first show at the Marcus Amphitheater. We were pretty far back in one of the bleacher sections and my friend's mom got the tickets a minute after they went on sale, which says something about how fast the actual seats at this venue sold out.

Silversun Pickups (7:29-8:31)-
Skin Graph
The Royal We
Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)
The Pit
Future Foe Scenarios
Mean Spirits
Panic Switch
Dots And Dashes (Enough Already)
Lazy Eye

^ I was looking forward to seeing the Silversun Pickups, as I got their first two albums in 2010 when I heard they were touring with Muse and around the time I first heard Panic Switch on the radio. They did the longest opening set at 62 minutes that I have ever seen. I enjoyed them, but most people around me just talked over them the whole time which was a disappointment. I didn't write down this setlist as I haven't had a chance to purchase their new album Neck Of The Woods, so thanks to Radioactive from setlist.fm for that.

Foo Fighters (9:07-11:26)-
All My Life
Times Like These
The Pretender
My Hero
Learn To Fly
White Limo
Cold Day In The Sun
Big Me
Long Road To Ruin
These Days
Monkey Wrench
Hey, Johnny Park!
This Is A Call
In The Flesh? (Pink Floyd cover)
Best Of You
Dear Rosemary
Breakdown (Tom Petty cover)
Young Man Blues (Mose Allison cover, made popular by The Who)

^ As I expected, Foo Fighters put on an energetic and explosive show. They jammed out the majority of their songs. During the middle of "Breakout", drummer Taylor Hawkins sang part of Message In A Bottle by The Police. Also, before This Is A Call, Dave Grohl mentioned he was the luckiest man at the concert as he got a checkered Cheap Trick guitar from Rick Nielsen and proceeded to play/sing the chorus of Surrender. The crowd around me were really into it, high-fiving each other and singing every song we knew. All in all it was a fun night.

07-01-2012, 07:10 PM
I don't care if it wasn't metal, that was a nice write up, thanks for posting the review man!

07-02-2012, 08:54 AM
Nice review. Metal or not there are fans of this band here. I missed them when they came through here last year. Hopefully I catch them next time.