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06-29-2012, 05:33 PM
Feast of the Damned
Eat the Witch
Escape from Death
Sentenced to Life
The Flame
Razor to Oblivion
Of Flesh
Home of the Grave
Black Sin (Spit on the Cross)

This summer’s Southern Lord tour brings together some of the label’s best current bands for a showcase of kick ass metal. I guess on paper you could say all the bands I saw last night were all some blend of metal and hardcore, but you certainly wouldn’t call any of them metalcore. When I arrived at Red 7 I knew there was a hip-hop show going on also, but was glad to find the metal show got the inside stage which also means air conditioning. I walked in a few minutes before Dallas based Wild//Tribe took the stage. They were the largest band of the night in terms of number of members; with not only two guitarists, but also dual vocalists. This 6-piece band still managed to have enough room to rock out on the inside stage of Red 7 with some legit music. It was clear from the first band that this whole night would be quality from top to bottom.

Power Trip played next and kicked ass, as usual. Being a Texas favorite amongst the local hardcore kids brought out a few karate kicks to the floor, but no capoeira this time. (there was a guy at their Chaos In Tejas show doing some straight Eddy Gordo Tekken-style capoeira in the pit) Power Trip played the shortest set of the night, clocking in at 20 minutes. All the other bands played 30, other than Black Breath who had 45.

Up next was Milwaukee’s Enabler who were also on the Black Breath show that I saw at SXSW this year and they delivered another scorching set. They incorporate death, thrash and even sludgey breakdowns into their metal/hardcore mix. Fans of Trap Them should take note, because I feel like Enabler blends the genres in a similar way. I’m nor very familiar with all of their material, but I know their set included Fuck Today, False Profit, and All Hail The Void.

Toronto band Burning Love is fronted by Chris Colohan who was previously the vocalist of the now defunct hardcore band Cursed. Out of all the bands on this bill I would say Burning Love is the closest to straight up hardcore and the vitriol that Colohan brought to Cursed is carried on here. The frontman also was the one providing pretty much all of the stage presence for Burning Love stalking around with a crazy look in his eyes. They played a solid set, but the crowd energy in the venue came to a bit of a lull, seemingly in anticipation of the final two bands of the night.

Sweden’s Martyrdöd were next and the penultimate band on this Southern Lord lineup. The crowd was rabid for their round of crusty d-beat hardcore that includes elements of blackened death. These Swedes seemed to adapt to the Texas heat quickly, shirtless on stage and knocking back Lonestars with the best of them. I’ve spun their most recent release, Paranoia, a couple times and I’m guessing that Treghet’s tracklisting (http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=20729) is probably pretty close to what they played. Just listening to these guys makes you feel like you should have some filthy dreadlocks and Amebix patches sewn on your black cut-off jean shorts. As Treghet mentioned, I really think Martyrdöd could gain some serious notoriety in the US now that they are on Southern Lord.

Finally the band that everyone was clearly there for, Black Breath, took the stage at about 1:15. They kicked off their set with Feast Of The Damned, which is also the opening track from their most recent album Sentenced To Life, and the crowd was moving instantly. Black Breath’s searing style of thrashing death with hardcore vocals absolutely exudes old-school Swedish death metal replete with buzzsaw guitar tones and awesome blast beats. I thought their setlist was a good mix of material since they only have two LPs and an EP under their belts. I was really hoping they would play Endless Corpse for the sick breakdown at the end that reminds me of Death’s Zero Tolerance, but you can’t win them all. Constant headbanging both onstage and off as well as people in the pit the whole time made their set all the more entertaining. This was a great show, showcasing some excellent bands from one of metal’s more finely curated labels. It’s rare to find a show that has six bands who are all genuinely entertaining with no filler acts.

Wild//Tribe: 7.5/10
Power Trip: 8/10
Enabler: 8.5/10
Burning Love: 7/10
Martyrdöd: 9/10
Black Breath: 9.5/10

Merch info (as requested):
The Black Breath t-shirts were $12 I think the one with the tour dates was $15, not sure about the baseball-t. CDs were $12, not sure about vinyl. Black Breath also had a black hoodie with the logo from Sentenced to Life in red and a band photo on the front with nothing on the back, not sure of the price on that.

I took a pic of Martyrdöd's merch too, but it was way out of focus. They had two CD's ($10) and two vinyl releases ($15). Their shirts were $15 and they had two designs on black and one on white.

06-29-2012, 06:07 PM
I want a Black Breath shirt and the new album on vinyl so bad. Hopefully they come back here real soon!

06-29-2012, 08:45 PM
Damn BB has way cooler merch now.

06-29-2012, 09:20 PM
I was heavily adviised by a few friends of mine NOT to attend the MN show as there is a good chance (because of where the venue is) that I may get mugged, beaten and/or murdered.

I'm honestly not kidding, the venue is so underground there isn't even an addressed attached to the venue, which explains why I never heard of it before. It is basically a garage in North Minneapolis, the crime capitol of Minnesota.

06-29-2012, 10:58 PM
Thanks for the setlist and pics of the merch man! I'm more stoked now for the free show on Wednesday.