View Full Version : Van Halen -- Oakland, CA -- June 3rd, 2012

06-04-2012, 03:53 PM
We caught the second half of Kool and the Gang's set, basically their hit songs, Jungle Boogie, Ladies Night, Get Down On It, Celebration. They were cool and the crowd seemed into it, a lot of older folks who were around in their heyday. Still kind of a mismatch for me but it's all about the headliner anyway.

Right at 9 oclock, while the set change music was still playing, Alex came out without warning and started pounding the drums, followed by Eddie and Wolfgang with some opening noodling, and finally Dave. For some reason I thought it was really cool that they just came out without dragging things on (I'm looking at you, Maiden).

The first few songs were some of the best and had the most energy, everything coming one right after the other. There was sort of a lull in the set between Everybody Wants some and Dance the Night Away, due to the new songs, Pretty Woman and the drum solo which seemed like a break for the rest of the band more than anything else.

Dave's banter is hit and miss, and quite a few people were complaining about his voice and he sort of dances with himself more than asserts himself as a rock god and king of pussy like he used to. He told a story to some hot girl up front in the middle of a song about how he could be her father, which was funny, but an unintentional way of telling everyone that Van Halen used to be the biggest band in the world.

Setlist is here (http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/van-halen/2012/oracle-arena-oakland-ca-53dfdfe5.html), same as usual. They did The Full Bug (not Romeo Delight, which is cool because they played it last time in Oakland), Hear About It Later (instead of Jamie's Cryin :'[ oh well) and... And The Cradle Will Rock instead of Outta Love, Girl Gone bad or whatever else they've been rotating in that spot. Seems like they've settled into a consistent set.