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06-02-2012, 10:53 PM
The main reason I came to this show was to see Animals As Leaders. They're a band that I'll pretty much go see every time, regardless of who they're touring with. They were solid, as expected, and the crowd seemed to dig them.

Animals As Leaders Setlist:

Wave of Babies
Tempting Time
Earth Departure
An Infinite Regression
Cylindrical Sea

This is the farewell tour for Thrice. The other 2x I had seen them were back in 2003 on their tour w/ Deftones & Thursday. They got short sets at those shows, so I was intrigued to see them play a full show. I was expecting them to be good at best, especially since they had to follow Animals As Leaders. Thrice were GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised. This set made me wish I'd seen them a few more times and that they were not breaking up. I had no idea they had such a following. The crowd was singing loudly all night. The setlist was excellent... a good mix of heavier songs and lighter stuff. I'm really glad I caught a headlining set from them before they called it a day. They exceeded my expectations by far.

Thrice Setlist (w/ help from setlist.fm):

Yellow Belly
Image of the Invisible
The Artist in the Ambulance
Kill Me Quickly
Under a Killing Moon
In Exile
The Weight
Come All You Weary
Words in the Water
Of Dust & Nations
Red Sky
The Earth Will Shake
Stare at the Sun
To Awake & Avenge the Dead
Phoenix Ignition
T & C

06-02-2012, 10:59 PM
They were amazing in Orlando too. So glad I was able to catch them on this tour, as I never saw them before. It makes me wish they aren't breaking up too.

bobbie solo
06-03-2012, 10:26 PM
they'll be back together eventually. dustin needs to go be more Jesus-y for now, apparently.