View Full Version : OFF! -- New York, NY -- May 29th, 2012

05-29-2012, 10:08 PM
For a while it was looking like I might not be able to make it to the show tonight. Luckily everything worked out fine and I was able to make it to the venue around 9 o'clock and meet up with a friend. I thought I got there a little late but they were a little behind schedule so the first band wasn't on yet. The first band was The Coathangers, a four piece all female punk band. They were odd but I actually kind of enjoyed their set. It was a guitarist, bass player, drummer, and keyboard player who all take turns singing and even switch off instruments for some songs. They were similar to Melt Banana in some ways but not nearly as fast.

After them was Cerebral Ballzy who I was already pretty familiar with but I had to step out in the middle of their set to give my friend his ticket. I still saw most of CB's set and they were pretty solid.

Keith and the boys hit the stage around 10:15. Keith talked for a bit and introduced the band then they launched into Panic Attack. The crowd was pretty crazy at this show but not really as intense as I expected. There was constant shoving and a fair amount of stage diving but still paled in comparison to other punk shows I've been to recently. The whole band is tight but Keith really fucking brings it. The guy is in his mid 50's but has more energy on stage than most 20 year olds. The new tunes are sweet but the cuts from the last album were still the real highlights. Of the new songs they played I'd say Wiped Out and Vaporized are probably my favorites live. I had a blast.

Panic Attack
I Don't Belong
Borrow and Bomb
Poison City:rocker:
Now I'm Pissed
Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt
King Kong Brigade
I've Got News For You
Rat Trap
Wiped Out
Peace in Hermosa
Black Thoughts:rocker:
Upside Down:rocker:

05-30-2012, 06:09 AM
I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with The Coathangers during SXSW. I was working at the venue the played at. Awesome girls! Lots of fun. Unfortunately their set was very weak. I could tell something was wrong though. They kept trying to pump eachother up. Could have just been an awkward performance for them.