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05-19-2012, 11:05 AM

05-20-2012, 10:06 PM
Great thread, man! Wish more people would see this. I need to go through more of these bands; I only know like half of them.

05-20-2012, 10:35 PM
Children of God - “Desolate”

Typical crusty grind/hardcore song until the super-sludgy (and incredibly well-done) breakdown at 1:01 (which lasts until 2:47).

Young and In the Way - “Death is Eager to Hold You”

No kidding, these guys are actually one of my favorite bands at the moment!! The album that this song is from, I Am Not What I Am, is by far my favorite release from them, a Blackened Crust masterpiece, so get that shit immediately. These guys seriously put out some of the most tortured music available today...

Empire of Rats - “Untitled”

Normally I dislike beatdown hardcore, but this band is pretty sludgy and crusty by the sounds of it. Either way, they make it interesting. Absolutely love the main riff, cool breakdown as well.

Pale Creation - “Day of Destruct”

This is a really cool variation off the typical beatdown hxc song. I'm digging it...

Day of Mourning - “Bitter Taste of Every Murder”

SHIT!! Back to the thrashy, metallic hardcore, I see... but is that black metal I hear?? Hell, man... I just really dig this track.

Withdrawal - “Shapeshifter”

I love Withdrawal! Great live band, too. I have a shirt from these dudes and I wear it proudly. Not gonna describe the sound... just listen and fall in love.

In Cold Blood - "Straight Flush"

Started off as a lame beatdown song but that riff that comes in at :15 just made my mouth go agape. Just fucking wow, man. Wow. Fast part kicks in – it's bomb. I should really look into this band.

Mindsnare - "Gather to Decompose"

These vocals are fuckin' tortured – like a thrash singer's balls were being strangled around his throat, or something. But the music's actually really, really good, too. This is some absolutely fucking killer thrash. No kidding - I actually really, really dig this song. Thrash is my fav genre after all, so it's refreshing when I hear some GOOD thrash for once. This hits the spot, and more....

Wisdom in Chains - “Snakes”

Aren't these guys real popular in the scene today? Not a huge fan of this. It's decent thrashy hardcore but there's too much of a 80's hxc vibe here for me to enjoy it. Not that there's anything wrong with 80's hardcore or anything, I just liked it better in the 80's, haha.

Hatewaves - “No Friends”

I seriously think this is the first legitimate grind song I've heard on this mixtape! Anyway, I love grind. This is really good grind. No, but seriously – this is actually really good. Trust me. Do it.

These all sound interesting to me from the descriptions. Some of them I've been meaning to check out for a while actually.

John The Drummer
05-21-2012, 04:02 PM
Gravehill, yes! Those guys are awesome.