View Full Version : Journey -- Irvine, CA -- June 26th, 2005

Fe Maiden
06-27-2005, 10:11 AM
30th Anniv. Tour:

It was a beautiful OC summer evening. As we made our way from the venue entrance to our seats, we were given a free copy of their latest CD "Generations." It was pretty cool to hear some songs off the CD you were just given for the first time live! Nice touch! I really like the " An Evening With..............." format. They played the first set for about an hour, then a 15-20 minute intermission, and then 2+ hours for the second set! This allows for so much material to be covered. If Journey and RUSH can do it for their 30th anniv. tours why cant..................you know who?

Anyway here is what I remember set-list wise. Please forgive any omissions or the songs being out of order:

Kohoutek (awesome instrumental)
Of A Lifetime
I'm Gonna Leave You
Mountain of Mystery
Guitar solo "Star Spangled Banner" :usa: Jimi Hendrix would have been proud!
Velvet Curtain/Feeling That Way
Where Were You
Anyway You Want It
Somethin' To Hide
Just The Same Way
Be Good To Yourself
Only The Young
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Stone In Love
Wheel In The Sky
Open Arms
Dont Stop Believin'
Song from Schon solo (?)
*(From Generations mixed in with the rest)
The Place In Your Heart
Every Generation
Butterfly (She Flies Alone)
Out Of Harms Way (a tribute to our troops!) :jima:
Gone Crazy
2 others(??)

some others I know I am missing :confused:

Lovin' Touchin', Squeezin'

Enough cannot be said about the super extraordinary guitar playing of Neal Schon!!!!! The man is a guitar wizard! Lots of furious fret frenzy playing that all but the deaf or just plain stupid could not respect or appreciate! Pure musical beauty! Lot's of emotion! They often showed him on the large video screen. Fucking Fast Fingers!

All 5 band members did lead vocals at various times on particular songs with Jonathon Cain, Dean Castronovo (the drummer) and Steve Augeri getting the most vocal work.

I almost got into a fight! Some drunk fuckhead behind us was very loudly talking, and talking, and talking. I got pissed and turned around and grabbed a fist full of his shirt and pulled his face up to mine and said "Did you come here to talk or to listen to music?" I don't think he liked the look in my eyes and was pretty quiet after that ;)

All in all a great 3 hour show!!!!!