View Full Version : Meshuggah -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- May 8th, 2012

05-09-2012, 01:21 AM
First off this was my 5th time seeing the mighty Meshuggah and it was seriously the best! also randomly picked up the Immolation - Providence EP for free as well. Shirts were' 25$ from each band. Baroness had Red Album/Blue Record for sale on cd, 15$ (Blue Record on Vinyl too.. didnt see the price sorry)

Starting w/ Decapitated and Baroness is seriously just icing on the cake.

Decapitated came out of the gate and got everyone into a frenzy. The new lead singer still looks a bit awkward on stage but it doesnt matter. Vogg is the main attraction here, his guitar skills are top notch. Spheres Of Madness got the best crowd reaction from Decap.

1. The Knife
2. Pest
3. Mother War
4. Post(?) Organic
5. A View From a Hole
6. Spheres of Madness

Baroness was next and I cant say enough good things about this performance. It was almost like a metal Pink Floyd. Both the guitarists (vocals too) are super talented. The dual vocal thing worked much better I found then persay new Mastodon. Anyway, there we're more people moshing then I thought there would be. I on album never thought anyone could really mosh to this stuff but apparantly it doesnt matter who's playing heh.

March To The Sea [New song]
Steel That Sleeps The Eye
Swollen & Halo
The Gnashing
Take My Bones Away [New song]
The Sweetest Curse

now it's time for whom I would say is my fav Metal band for the last 10 years or so. MESHUGGAH

5th time ended up being the charm. This setlist is a fucking MONSTER. You seriously NEED to experience the mindfuck that is "In Death-Is Death". I dont think ive many songs live that we're heavier then that number. All of the new material from Koloss went over really well with the crowd. Lots of mosh pits as you could guess. Also closing with "Dancers To a Discordant System" is a pleasent suprise, I was kind of sick of hearing Future Breed Machine always end the set.

Tape Intro
Glints Collide
Do Not Look Down
The Hurt That Finds You First
Minds Mirrors [Tape]
In Death Is Life/In Death Is Death
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
I Am Colossus
Rational Gaze
Future Breed Machine
Dancers To A Discordant System

GO SEE THIS TOUR if you can!!!!!!!