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05-07-2012, 05:20 PM
I know alot of people think this tour is terrible for many different reasons and I respect their opinions but I personally like 4 of the bands so I'll be attending. The biggest reason for me going is seeing Jesse back in Killswitch Engage. I'm gonna be goin to New Jersey for this at the Prudential Center, God Forbids home state. All the set times are assumed.

God Forbid will sadly be going on before Emmure

God Forbid : 30 Minutes

End of the World
War Of Attrition
Where We Come From
To The Fallen Hero

Emmure : 30 Minutes

Children of Cybertron
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
Dogs Get Put down
Demons With Ryu
Sunday Bacon
Soundwave Superior
A Ticket For A Paralyzer/10 Signs You Should Leave

Killswitch Engage: 60 Minutes

Numbered Days
Self Revolution
Fixation On Darkness
Bid Farewell
Vida Infra
Arms Of Sorrow
Rose Of Sharon
Just Barely Breathing
To The Sons of Man
The End Of A Heartache
My Curse
My Last Serenade

Five Finger Death Punch : 90 Minutes

American Capitalist
White Knuckles
Under and Over It
The Pride
Coming Down
From Out Of Nowhere (Faith No More Cover)
Meet The Monster
Far From Home/Bulletproof
Hard To See
Back For More
Bad Company (Bad Company Cover)

I'll Fall
The Bleeding