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05-01-2012, 11:34 PM
Super stoked about this. This would be my 9th time seeing Clutch. Was a little iffy on the rest of the lineup but I don't think anything is as bad as Danko Jones who toured w/ them a couple years back. This was my first time at the beautiful Gillioz Theater. Way to nice of a place for a metal show.

Opener was MonstrO and I was quite surprised. I really enjoyed them and after awhile the crowd was really getting into them too. Very good opener. Didn't know that half the band was in Bloodsimple. Wasn't a huge fan but I learned something new. I would be more than ok seeing them again in the future. Having never heard of them I don't have the slightest on their set.

Kyng was after them. My only experience was hearing them on Liquid Metal on XM and after hearing them every hour on their I found myself resenting them just because they were always on. The little I heard them I didn't think they were bad. Nothing exceptional just alright. Their lead singer said they were exhausted. I don't know if that had a part in it but I did not like them at all. The music wasn't bad but dear god he tried to hit those high notes and it was torture listening to. I've read other good stuff about them so maybe it was an off night. But the high notes were horrendous. No set and frankly didn't care to get one.

Now for what should be the real headliner. My only gripe is not even at Clutch but jesus have Clutch fans become huge douche bags since I last saw them last Feb? I do not understanding moshing to Clutch, if you can mosh to them playing Gravel Road there's just no hope in you as a human. Got to see 2 girls and another guy get kicked out for being drunk assholes. During Pigtown Blues it got so out of hand Neil stopped mid song and was irritated and called the girl a jerk wad which was a highlight of the show for me. So many dipshits for Clutch I thought I was in Kansas City for a second. Ok that griping aside, Clutch killed it. They did 2 new songs. Pigtown Blues & another that I'm unsure of. Can't wait for new album. Those 2 songs were killer. And boy what a killer way to open the show. Animal Farm right into Big News 1 & 2 with cowbell after BN1? Damn what a way to start. After looking at some other sets I was fully expecting a good amount (3-4 songs) from Blast Tyrant. It got the big 0. I don't think I've ever seen them where BT was ignored. Was hoping for Cypress Grove or Profits of Doom. I haven't heard those in years. The other gem that I never heard before was they did The House That Peterbilt. That was a nice changeup. I think I'm probably in the minority of Clutch fans who feel this way but I absolutely hate it when the play Abraham Lincoln. It bores me out of my mind, I enjoy them doing the bluesy stuff but I've never liked that song. Neil was absolutely on tonight, maybe I'm biased b/c I've seen them 9x but I don't know if I've seen a better frontman in the 12 years I've been going to shows. Whole band was tight as they always are everytime I've seen them. Bottom line if this comes near you go see it. Clutch plays pretty much same length if its just them headlining minus maybe a song or 2. This set should pretty much be in order except maybe around the middle:

Animal Farm
Big News 1 > Jam w/ Neil on cowbell
Big News 2
The House That Peterbilt
Slow Hole To China
Power Player
Pigtown Blues
Child Of The City
Burning Beard
New Song
Abraham Lincoln (Zzzzzzzz....)
Gravel Road
Electric Worry
One Eye $

If I'm off I'll change it. The people on the Clutch board are usually better than me.

Go laugh if you want I stayed for Hellyeah. In my defense I was not driving. Out of all those butt rock bands I can tolerate Hellyeah. Of course I was not nearly as close as I was for Clutch. Surprisingly there were alot more people that actually stayed for Hellyeah (granted this show is in the Ozarks so the demographic is definitely met). Hellyeah weren't bad by any means. I don't see myself ever travelling further than an hour to go see them again. The truly depressing thing was there were fewer morons for Hellyeah than what I dealt w/ for Clutch. That also might have been one of the loudest shows I've heard since I saw Motorhead last. Set is in order:

Cowboy Way
Matter of Time
War In Me
Hell of a Time
You Wouldn't Know
Rotten to the Core
Alcohaulin' Ass

All in all a very great show. I'm even more excited since Fayetteville is getting the first show for the Clutch/Prong/Lionize tour this summer!!!

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/523874_2846485096263_1683488038_1763409_804694856_ n.jpg
One of the pics I took and yes that is a Def Jam Recordings shirt!!!!

Rest of the album:


Gracias for reading my long winded review.

05-02-2012, 04:17 AM
When I saw them a couple weeks ago, the crowd was retarded too. I would never mosh to Clutch. Wassup wit dat?!

Also you are right, Hellyeah was loud as shit! I only stayed for two songs, but damn

05-02-2012, 06:52 AM
Very solid clutch set. I agree that Abe Lincoln is kind of a downer live. I've seen it enough to not really want to hear it again live, but its be a staple in the set for years already. Hopefully with the new album it will be shelved for awhile.