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04-29-2012, 10:48 AM
This show was at the Blue Ocean Music Hall. Originally it was supposed to be up the road at Wally's Pub but the promoter decided for some reason to switch the shows around and it was possibly the biggest mistake ever.

I drove down from Maine because I missed the show Thursday in Portland because of work. I rode solo and so I stopped at the mall and looked at some CDs and realized how expensive FYE is =/. I grabbed some Taco Bell for lunch and continued my journey towards the show. Doors were supposed to open at 5 but apparently that got changed and they wern't opening til 6 so I wandered around the beach area and played some pinball and some other arcade games down at one of the arcades. Wish I had looked a bit more because I found an arcade after I had spend all my quarters that had WWF Wrestlefest!:party:. Next time I will play it fo sho. So after killing about 50 minutes I walk back over to the venue and out of the nice fancy restaurant this place is attached to comes Max Cavalera with food(what a shock). He is shorter then me and quite round. I go and sit down outside the venue listening to some kids play hacky sack while Hardcore dancing and screaming lyrics from some deathcore band or something. It was mildly entertaining to laugh at. Mark Rizzo was out and about taking pics with people and Tony Campos wanted nothing to do with it but got sucked in and looked quite unhappy haha.

They finally open the doors at 6 and a few things when I walked in...Holy shit this place was nice! It was a big room with a fantastic stage and 2 bars. Second thing was that they had about 1000 pieces of paper on the walls saying No Moshing. I read it and laughed knowing that this show was not gonna follow those rules by the end of the night.

The first band up was a local band called Quick! Before The Outbreak! They were your typical modern Deathcore band with breakdowns and chug chug guitars. pretty boring and watching kids trying not to mosh was the highlight of it. I have no idea what they played but they were pretty boring.

The next band was Six Feet Silence another local band. I didn't think it was possible to mix the sound of Slipknot with the rapping of vanilla Ice and trying to be Limp Bizkit but dear god they did it and it was fucking terrible. They were easily the worst band I have ever heard live. He would rap this terrible Vanilla Ice style then start doing Cory Taylor growls while rapping. It was just fucking bad. They looked like they were straight out of the whitest part of the suburbs or something.

After that abomination was over Manifest was up. I talked to someone earlier in the day who said they were good. they wern't bad but they played Metalcore that I just wasn't digging. It wasn't bad but it was kinda generic and bland sounding with nothing that really stood out except a cover of A New Level by Pantera that was decent. They were def better then the last couple bands that played. During the set someone tried to start a pit and 4 security guards swarmed him and dragged his ass out. that's when I knew they wern't gonna fuck around tonight.
5/10 mostly for the cover of Pantera

After them I wandered and looked at merch for a few minutes before it went on sale and talked to a midget about some of the bands that are playing. I ended up picking up the Soulfly Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust shirt. It was $30 fucking bucks but I said screw it I wanna shirt. I then went back over and took a position right in the middle of the stage.

Wykkyd Wytch had started their set and they are some female fronted black metal band from everywhere they said. She has some demonic sounding vocals and they were actually decent. The drummer is a beast and they were easily the heaviest band of the night. I got their setlist so I will put a pic of that up when I get it uploaded for ya'lls.

Up next was Lody Kong and I personally actually really enjoyed them. They were young angsty sounding crossover kinda deal. The singer tried to set his guitar on fire with a lighter during one song:rocker: and they were doing zombie walks and falling and all sorts of other crazy stuff throughout the set. At the end the lead guitarist/singer decided to climb on the drumkit and rip it appart. It was a sight to behold. I ended up getting a pick from him and their setlist as well. Really interesting stuff.

After them was Incite and they blew me away. they played what I call Metallica Metalcore. With all the thrashy guitars and drums but those metalcore breakdowns and vocals. They were awesome and go the crowd moving with some headbanging and clapping and all that good stuff. I would def check them out again if I get a chance. like the other 2 bands I ended up getting their setlist so I will put that up when I upload pics.

After they finished they started gearing up for Soulfly. The crowd started getting rowdy and security was about to have their hands full with a room full of drunk metalheads who havn't had a chance to release any aggression yet. All that alcohol was fuel for the fire. I ended up talking with a dad and his 11 year old son who were next to me in the front. It was the kids first metal show and he was pumped to be there. After what happened with him I would have been pumped too!:rocker: So the lights go out and the intro from Enslaved kicks and and BOOM right into World Scum. It sounded kinda off like they had slowed it down a bit live but it was still awesome and Campos does a great job doing Travis's parts live. They went right into Refuse/Resist and the crowd started a small pit which got broken up. after that Max gave the 11 year old the first pick of the night which was awesome! They continued blistering through their performance with ferocity and power. Then they hit the drums part where they all bring out drums and play. Max proceeds to grab the 11 year old and pull him on stage to play the drum with him! He had to help the kid keep rythym but that kid looked thrilled! Max gave him one of the sticks after and helped him back down to the floor. This is where shit really hits the wall people.

So they go and bust into the chorus of Walk and that makes people move. Right from there they go into Troops of Doom. people move some more. Finally just before they hit Roots Bloody Roots they bust out Angel of Death and the crowd starts going crazy then they go into Roots Bloody Roots and holy shit the entire floor turns into a fucking pit. Max had the biggest grin on his face knowing that he just turn the place into chaos. I turn and see this security guard with one hand on his his the other rubbing his bald head trying to figure out how he is gonna stop this fucking thing. It was awesome! Then they go and start JUMPDAFUKUP! That's where fuckery happens apparently the guy who owns this place decides well "fuck you Soulfly" and cuts the mics and turns the lights on. Guy apparently didn't think to turn the instruments off too because Max and co say fuck it and start playing Angel of Death again. This dude and I are in the front screaming the words while the fucking pit is raging before everything gets cut. Their drummer Dave was pissed. He ended up on stage throwing sticks and tell the venue they fucking suck:party:
10/10 for fucking going with the flow and raging the fuck out even with stupid rules.

Soulfly setlist(incomplete and out of order)
World Scum
Back to the Primitive
Drum solo
American Steel
Plato O Plomo
Troops of Doom
Angel of Death > Roots Bloody Roots
A minute of Jumpdafuckup > Angel of Death

I bailed fairly quickly after it ended and as I was leaving the owner was outside bragging how no one should fuck with him because he is the man and can do shit like that. Bro we brought you business and money maybe you shouldn't host metal shows if you can't handle some people having a good time. He also called the cops to because there were a couple arriving as I was leaving.

Overall it was a fantastic night even with the bs of getting shutdown it was the last song anyways from what I know of so it didn't break my balls at all because I had a great time.:rocker:

04-29-2012, 10:51 AM
WTF??!?! Angel of Death. :eek:

How did Max sound when belching out the lyrics to "Angel of Death"???

John The Drummer
04-29-2012, 11:00 AM
Although it sounds like t his venue was total BS... what a kick ass night!

I still have never gotten the chance to see Soulfly. They WERE here earlier this month, I think it was, but tickets were $50, and they were with 5FDP... NO THANKS. Hopefully soon :(

04-29-2012, 11:10 AM
WTF??!?! Angel of Death. :eek:

How did Max sound when belching out the lyrics to "Angel of Death"???

He sounded good he didn't do to much only the first few lines but he hit the AHHHHHH as only Max would haha.

04-29-2012, 11:13 AM

A quick search lead me to this. The video of the boy playing drums with Max.

04-29-2012, 11:49 AM
Max should have played Black flags cover of Six pack to truly end the show, seeing how they would play angel of death, i can just see the crowed going all out for six pack, especially with the story you posted about the shitty venue management. :D