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04-23-2012, 11:21 PM
Really fun show with some impressive results!!

First band up was Havok!!! Heard a few of their songs before and thought it was alright. Just your basic thrash band. Their were pretty good live tho, I was pleasently surprised!!

No Amnesty
Fatal Intervention
Morbid Symmetry
Covering Fire

Second band was Krisiun!!! Never heard of these guys before but they also surprised me. At first I was little ify on them, but as their set went on they seemed to get better and better. Unfornately at the beginning of their set their guitarist had some technical problem, but were solved right away.

Kings Of Killing
The Will To Potency
Combustion Inferno
Descending Abomination
Hatred Inherit
Black Force Domain

Third band up was Death Angel!!! Saw them at Heavy TO last year and they were pretty good there. This time tho, they just sounded way better, and this is when the pits really started to open up. They were a lot of fun!!!

I Chose The Sky
Mistress Of Pain
Claws In So Deep
Evil Priest
Buried Alive
Relentless Revolution
Seemingly Endless Time
The Ultra-Violence (first couple minutes)
Thrown To The Wolves

Finally, Sepultura!!!!!! I must admit, was never really into their material after Max Cavalera left the band. But with or without Max they were impressive as hell!! I was just blown away with their performance!! The sound was phenominal and the crowd really went crazy for them (especially for their older songs) After this show, I'm definitely gonna give their newer material (post Max Cavalera) another shot!!

Dark Wood Of Error
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted In Life
Septic Schizo/Escape To The Void
Just One Fix (Ministry cover)
Inner Self
Roots Bloody Roots

04-24-2012, 08:09 AM
Your thoughts pretty much sum up mine as well. Death Angel killed it. They were the best band of the night for me (though I imagine that's because I knew all of their songs, which I can't say about Sepultura). It was nice to see them with a bit of a longer set.

Havok were fantastic. My neck hurt quite a bit after their set, and I knew most of the songs, so that's always nice. Krisiun were good, aside from the technical problems. I have three of their albums, but didn't recognize anything other than "The Will To Potency", which they introduced anyways.

Sepultura were awesome. The new songs actually sound really good. Of course it would have been better if it was all old, but I enjoyed what they played. If you've never seen them before, it's definitely worth it. I lost it for "Inner Self" though. That was by far the highlight of the evening for me.


Wrecking Crew
04-24-2012, 09:01 AM
Only one song from Beneath the Remains?!? Not near enough.