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04-01-2012, 02:01 PM
Venue: Il Motore
Opening bands: Dark Circles, Firearchy, Brazen Hell

I just came back from a joke right-wing demonstration :lol: so I'm going to write this review. First, I have to say that the concert was pretty disappointing and I'm going to explayn why.

At first, the show was supposed to start at 9:00 pm, but it was moved to 9:30, which is kinda late. I arrived around 9:15 and none of my friends came with me (http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/003/619/Untitled-1.jpg), so the wait until 10:05, when the first band started playing, felt really long. I was getting a bit drowzy due to my lack of sleep in the last few days and to my unwillingness to talk with the few hipsters that were in the venue when Dark Circles went on stage. They were late (though I guess it wasn't their fault), but at least they were good. They played a hard hitting mix of aggressive crust punk and black metal; in the vein of All Pigs Must Die, but more punk-oriented. Most of their songs sounded alike, maybe due to the wall of sound volume, but they had a lot of energy. I'll definitely have to check them out.

The second local band was Firearchy, a side-project featuring members of Barn Burner. I had previously seen them open for The Great Sabbatini, and for the second time, I wasn't impressed. The vocals lack power, the music isn't heavy as it could be and their songs seem to be going in 5 direction at a time. For example, one of their songs starts with a High on Fire riff, that is followed by a Slayer riff, and then with a melodic death metal part with blast beats. Their songs arrangements lack unity and most of their riffs are very generic. Their performance was boring and I hope I won't have to see them for a third time.

The third and last opener, Brazen Hell, was the best of them. Their style was similar to Dark Cricles', but with less black metal elements and more hardcore and sludge elements. After an over 30 minute changeup, they gave a powerful and heavy performance filled with great riffs. At this point, my hope for a good turn out for this show vanished: there were less than 75 people and the last metro was passing soon. Still, the few people that were there had a good time; there was a 3-4 people pit and a few others headbanging (but, you know, hipster crowds aren't that much expressive). Anyway, Brazen Hell was a cool discovery, I'll check their stuff out. I would have bought their demo tape if I had a tape player, which is unfortunately not the case.

Before Tombs took the stage, I was growing tired of waiting. I've been looking forward to see them for weeks and it was past midnight; I felt really tired and my legs were about to let me down. However, when Mike Hill and his band played the leaden opening riff to "Black Hole of Summer", I felt invigorated. The guitar tone was impeccable and the sound mix was clear, which is very surprising at a such high volume. The heavy, sludgy or black metal riffs combined with the absence of lighting on stage brought a really dark ambiance and Mike's voice gave me chills. It could have been one of the best performances of the year if they hadn't stopped abruptly after 30 minutes of playing. Indeed, right when "Red Shadows" ended, Mike shouted "merci!" and they all unplugged their instruments. Everyone thought "what the fuck is this? is it some kind of bad April's Fools joke?". But it wasn't a joke, the show was over. This is probably the most disappointing live performance I have witnessed in my life: it's like tempting a child with candy before suddenly removing it from him. I mean, they didn't even play "Gossamer"! I was pissed off, so I went to talk with their drummer to ask him what happened. He told me that their bass player had just left the band and that the new one only knew these six songs. He also said that they had new songs ready for the next album and that they were going to destroy the ones on "Path of Totality". I hope that they're going to come back when it's released and that they're going to play a real set this time. I still bought their compilation Fear Is the Weapon (containing their self-titled EP, a split and 4 demo versions of songs from Winterhours; limited to 1000 copies) to encourage them.


Black Hole of Summer
Path of Totality
Black Heaven
Red Shadows

04-01-2012, 03:00 PM
Dude, that hella sucks. Sorry to hear about the bad experience.

On the other hand, I'm encouraged by the fact that you said the songs they did play were awesome, as well as the news about the new album.

04-02-2012, 11:57 PM
Where is Il Motore?

04-03-2012, 05:57 AM
Where is Il Motore?

There (http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=Il+Motore,+Rue+Jean-Talon-Ouest,+Montr%C3%A9al,+QC&hl=fr&ie=UTF8&ll=45.530824,-73.619986&spn=0.040585,0.104628&sll=49.891235,-97.15369&sspn=38.417382,107.138672&oq=IL+MOTORE+MONTRE&hq=Il+Motore,&hnear=Rue+Jean-Talon+Ouest,+Montr%C3%A9al,+Qu%C3%A9bec&t=m&z=14&iwloc=A). Near the Jean-Talon metro station (on the blue line).

04-03-2012, 12:11 PM
That sucks :(.
I saw em with Exhumed and I was really impressed.