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03-06-2012, 03:44 AM

Hey guys, Josh AKA That Drummer Guy here. I wanted to let you guys in on a very cool Partnership and shows that I got going for the future.

A new addition has been added to That Drummer Guy's Rock Block here on W3rdradio. Interviews with the best bands from around the world! Myself and Al from The Undead Scene, will be interviewing the best bands you need to know about. We gave you a taste with the recent Abigail Williams interview, but there is much more in the can, and much much more in the works. In the next couple weeks I will be featuring 2 new interviews

The first will be featuring Ben from Goatwhore, and following that will be Erik from Hate Eternal. *Shot in HD for Youtube and MN Public Access I might add* After that? Much much more bands, that are just as deserving to have it's own hour long show. Should I namedrop? Nope. You'll just have to tune in and find out :)

Each show will be the normal hour long show, with bands that are mentioned throughout the interviews and of course the bands themselves, and also a special Live song from each show, that you won't hear anywhere else but here and the Youtube videos!

But don't fret those that love the format of hearing the 10 best songs in Rock And Metal...and your requests. I will still be doing those shows as well. This is just an additional treat to the REAL fans of amazing music.

Also due to popular demand, for every 50 likes that I get on the That Drummer Guy page, I will be randomly picking one of you to pick out a full playlist for The Rock Block. 10 of your favorite songs in Rock and Metal for a full hour. That commences tonight with the first winner of this privilege, Jackson May, who made a very, very killer playlist that you will all very much dig.

The page is at 238 as I like this, so the next one will start at 250, GET CRACKIN!

So remember, "Like" That Drummer Guy on Facebook, and Tune into W3rd Radio Tuesday Nights at 7pm central, and That Drummer Guy's Rock Block, at 9pm central ONLY on W3rd Radio

Woozle Wuzzle everybody!

-MPF (That Drummer Guy)