View Full Version : Iced Earth -- Atlanta, GA -- March 4th, 2012

03-05-2012, 11:43 AM
Halcyon Way:

1) Rise to Revise
2) On Black Wings
3) Death of a Dream
4) Age of Betrayal
5) Deliver the Suffering


1) Living Weapon
2) Severed Reality
3) Shoot to Kill
4) Jackal
5) Demonic Ecstasy
6) Treacherous Tongue
7) Future Ages Gone
8) Total War
9) Shattered Like Glass
10) Living in a Whirlwind
11) Combat Shock

Iced Earth:

1) Dystopia
2) Angels Holocaust
3) Slave to the Dark
4) V
5) Stand Alone
6) When the Night Falls
7) Dark City
8) Damien
9) Anthem
10) Declaration Day
11) Days of Rage
12) Watching Over Me
13) Dante's Inferno
14) Iced Earth

This was a Symphony X off date so we didn't get them, and had a local band play for a short amount of time. I arrived to the venue around 4 and was the first in line along with a couple of my buddies. A long line started to form pretty early so I knew a lot of people were going to be there that night. There were also a lot of people doing the VIP meet and greet so they got to go inside early to meet the band, and to get a chance up front. Most of the VIP people stayed in the back though so that gave me a chance to get right up front and center :party:

Halcyon Way were decent, but nothing special. I've seen them before, and they are one of the better local bands, but nothing I would really care to see again.

This was my first time seeing Warbringer so I was pretty excited about that. I was expecting the crowd to be violent, but to my surprise the crowd only moved a moderate amount. Warbringer were able to play a little longer since Symphony X weren't going to be there so that was cool to see a few extra songs in their set. The vocalist announced that they were probably going to be back during the Destruction tour so for those of you around the area that's something to look forward to being that not all the dates are announced yet ;)

It was also my first time seeing Iced Earth so once the Warbringer set was over with I was really anxious to see them. They took the stage around 10 and ended at 11:30, and I probably head banged during most of the time :rocker: There was a lot of energy on the stage coming from the band, and the audience loved it. Right before they played "Watching Over Me" we all sang happy birthday to John's 7 year-old girl who was at the venue. John thanked us for that, and seemed very happy for the rest of the set.

After the show we waited around to get pictures with the band which probably only took about 45 minutes total for all of Iced Earth to be heading back to their bus. They were all really nice and were happy to sign things or to get pictures taken. John said that they were going to be touring a lot more in the near future so that gives us something to look forward to!