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02-25-2012, 09:31 PM
Possessed: (I'm pretty sure this is everything, 3 through 12 are not in order)
1. Intro/Pentagram
2. Seance
3. Tribulation
4. March To Die
5. Fallen Angel
6. Beyond The Gates
7. My Belief
8. The Eyes Of Horror
9. The Exorcist
10. Burning In Hell
11. Holy Hell
12. No Will To Live
---- Jeff's Piss Break -----
13. Intro/The Heretic
14. Confessions
15. Satan's Curse (CUT OUT!!!!)
16. Death Metal

I seem to always write long reviews when I attempt to do these so I hope you guys are up for one.

I arrived at Veterans of Foreign Wars-Post 1944 at around 7, when the doors were supposed to open. They had us stand around for 20 minutes or so before we were let inside. I was worried about my parking job, as it looked like I was blocking the path to the other side of the parking lot since there was a van right next to the back of my truck.

They let us inside and I got to check out the first local band, Morfin. Not many people were around when they were playing. They had a very old school sound, and the vocalist reminded me of Chuck Schuldiner. And they ended up playing a Death cover (Leprosy) at the end of their set. Their set was pretty good, and they looked really young.

Before Exmortus came on, they announced over the intercom that a White Chevy Silverado was about to get towed (FUCK that's me!) and I raced outside to straighten it out. The security guard stopped me because there were no ins and outs, but when I told him they were going to tow my truck he let me go. They had me park straight up in front of the van and I went back inside. Turns out that wasn't good enough because one of the security guards came inside and told me I'd have to move it again, and they had me park straight up in front of another car. I was cool about it, because after all I did a shitty job on the original park to begin with.:lol: And they were apologizing to me for having to move it twice.

Exmortus came on and were given a pretty long set time for the second band to play, 40 minutes. These guys like to shred, and shred some more. I enjoy them a lot live. I think this was my 4th time seeing them. They were as good as they were before, and I had a lot of fun during their set.

The next band was Demolition, apparently veterans of the LA death metal/grindcore scene. At this point I headed over to the bar to have a few beers. I chilled in the back for their set. I think they had two bassists. Either they had two bassists, or three guitarists and one bassist, but the guys on the far right and left both looked like they had basses. They were alright but I didn't care much for them. Their whole set seemed to blend together. During their set though, some crazy shit happened. Two guys got into it in the pit and were about to fight but were broken up. Later on in the set, a group of about 5 or 6 people jumped who I assume to be one of those guys who was involved in that initial scuffle, and started beating the shit out of him. At first I thought they were helping somebody up, but then I realized they were all throwing punches. No security guards were near the pit at the time so the damage was done before the security guards even noticed. Everyone involved left the venue I'm assuming, and there was a decent sized pool of blood in the middle of the pit that had to mopped up. And also there was blood on the Men's room door, and bloodied tissues all over the sink. Probably the craziest thing I've ever witnessed at a show.

Next up were Gravehill. This was my first time seeing this band and they seem like really cool guys, the vocalist had some amusing banter in-between songs. I chilled in the back during their set as well but enjoyed their performance from afar. They played for quite a while, had to be at least 50 minutes, but I'm not sure. By the time they finished it was already pretty late, somewhere between 11-1130.

It was finally time for Possessed to take the stage and I grabbed my spot near the front. They took forever to finally get started. They didn't start until just before 1230, so we were all waiting there for about an hour. When they finally came on though, it was worth the wait. The crowd erupted when Jeff was brought on stage, and after the intro finished they opened with Pentagram, and the craziness ensued. Somebody spilled a pitcher of beer all over my back as they were getting knocked around. The pits looked violent, and there were also some guys almost getting into fights a few times, which was pretty lame and kept me away from the pit, somebody had already gotten fucked up not too long ago. I just stayed in the front center right in front of Jeff and kept to my headbanging. Jeff sounded great, as did the rest of the band. Jeff was really digging the crowd reaction, and was interacting with the crowd and what people were saying to him in between songs. He looked like he was enjoying the show just as much as everybody in the crowd.

Near the end of the set before the encore, Jeff announced he had to take a piss and that there would be a short break. It was already about 120-130 at the time. I could see that there were four songs left on the setlist, but everyone in the pit and back either seemed to think the show was over or didn't feel like waiting, as more than half of the crowd left at this point! Only the people in front and some in the back were left after that. They came back on and played The Heretic. Then after playing Confessions, the venue turned the lights on signaling time was up, so they went right into Death Metal. They had Satan's Curse as the second-to-last song on the setlist but ran out of time and had to cut it.

Overall it was a great show, but the venue is kinda sketch. That incident with the guy getting beat up was pretty shitty, and the security were completely oblivious to it. I still had fun though, and finally got to see a legendary old school band that I had not seen before but had opportunities to.

02-25-2012, 09:41 PM
Nice review. Sounds pretty crazy with that guy getting beat up. I really wanted to go to this but I'm tight on money. Possessed's set looks pretty awesome, I can only imagine what it was like to hear it all.

02-25-2012, 09:48 PM
Nice review. Sounds pretty crazy with that guy getting beat up. I really wanted to go to this but I'm tight on money. Possessed's set looks pretty awesome, I can only imagine what it was like to hear it all.

Yeah I'm pretty tight on money myself right now. Luckily I already bought tickets for the next three shows I'm going to. I probably won't be hitting any more shows up before Deicide at the end of next month.

02-25-2012, 10:25 PM
So elaborate more on the Morfin performance. I'm very good friends with the guitarist and drummer, like very very close friends. Would like to get your input.

02-25-2012, 10:32 PM
So elaborate more on the Morfin performance. I'm very good friends with the guitarist and drummer, like very very close friends. Would like to get your input.

I liked their performance a lot. I like that old school death/thrash sound they have going. How old are they? I think they have a lot of potential. They sound way better than most local bands I have seen at places like the Whisky. I wish the promoters could get bands like this to play the death metal shows there.

I would've grabbed one of the demos they were giving out, but I don't like holding onto stuff during a show.

02-25-2012, 10:37 PM
Sick review man.

02-26-2012, 08:49 AM
As the others said, really interesting review! I wish we would get such great line-ups at shows here. I hope seeing Possessed sometime, maybe at a MDF in the upcoming few years...