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01-30-2012, 05:57 AM
First real concert of the year and a good way to kick things off with a small, intimate show of about 25 people. I went with my vocalist and a German foreign exchange student at our school. We got to the venue right as the gates opened. I walked over to the merch table and John Kevill as sitting there and asked how I was doing. I had a nice chit chat with him; he was a really nice guy. I took a picture with him and thanked him for being there. Oh, and I told him about our Combat Shock thing ;)

Without much time, the first opening band came on and God were they horrible. Basically, they were your generic Crabcore band with the movements and everything. Their reception was terrible side this one kid who was trying to hardcore dance. Mike from Possessor came up to us and laughed at how terrible they were. During their last song, their guitar player jumped into the crowd and started running around. Mike and one other guy from Possessor pushed him back to the stage :lol:.

After the first opening band was done, we hung around and talked to the guys from Possessor because they said we were “there for the real metal”. Mike, their guitar player, was a really nice guy and made sure we had a good time. We talked to them about the Richmond metal scene and the like and they were pretty generous to us. They had to leave to set up and we wished them a good show.
The second band was some hardcore band from Maryland. They actually weren’t terrible to be honest, but they had little reaction because they just did not fit the bill. After them I held my spot on the barrier for my new friends, Possessor, from Virginia Beach. They played some great speed metal and put on a real show for us. It’s unfortunate that more people weren’t there for their exposure, but they played intimately and involved those of us who were there. After their set they hung out with us some more.

The fourth band wasn’t too bad, but they weren’t very good either. Basically a Metalcore band with female vocals, but she did use some traditional vocal elements as well that were decent. They gave out free drumsticks afterwards, so that was cool. A Sound of Thunder came on next and boy did they put on a good show. I knew a small bit of their material before the show (I think I might have been the only one haha) and they put on a performance. Imagine just traditional heavy/power with female vocals (…Jeff?) ; their singer, Nina, had great stage presence and was really into participating with the crowd, even holding my hand tightly a few times :lol:. I gave her a hug and told her that she was amazing after their set.

I then secured my spot on the barrier for Warbringer, who talked to us while setting up. I asked Andy if they had remembered how to play “Scorched Earth” and he said that he did but Andrew (Adam's replacement) didn’t unfortunately. When they started playing, everyone started headbang. They played a good, albeit short, setlist that represented their material well. I was right in front of Andrew so he headbanged and smiled with me multiple times. I think Andrew did a great job at filling in for Adam. John was really into the show and pointed at me multiple times, he even set his leg right on the barrier directly in front of me for a bit. During Severed Reality (I think it was during that song…), some guys on the right side of the barrier with me tore it down and we rushed right up to the stage. John seemed impressed and told me after the show that he hoped the venue wouldn’t be too upset. Overall though, they played a great show for a night of thrashing.

After the show I went back to John at the merch table and told him that he played a great show. He gave me a sticker and signed the back of it (I’ll post a picture later). I wished him good luck on the Iced Earth/Symphony X show and he told me that he would try to come back to Richmond. Before leaving though, we had to chat with the guys from Possessor. I told them that they are welcome back in Richmond at any time. Mike gave me a free t shirt of theirs before we headed out. And that was that; a great show.

First Opening band: 0/10
Second Opening band: 3/10
Possessor: 7/10
Fourth Opening band: 4/10
A Sound of Thunder: 7.5/10
Warbringer: 9/10

Warbringer’s Setlist:

1. Living Weapon
2. Shattered Like Glass
3. Shoot To Kill
4. Jackal
5. Demonic Ecstasy
6. Severed Reality
7. Total War
8. Living In A Whirlwind
9. Combat Shock

01-30-2012, 06:36 AM
intimate show of about 25 people.

fuck. I really regret not making the trip down now.