View Full Version : Machine Head -- Royal Oak, MI -- January 21st, 2012

01-22-2012, 09:14 AM
Darkest Hour played first & brought the heaviness as always. That band is awesome. Next up was Suicide Silence. I've seen them a bunch of times, and I just don't get them at all. To me, their songs & live show are generic as can be. Oh well.

The mighty Machine Head headlined. IMO they're one of the best bands of all time, period. I've seen them live about a dozen times now, and this was definitely the best set from them that I've ever seen. They played a bunch of stuff off their new CD (which is great), and they played a good selection of old songs. Like with all great bands, you always leave their shows wishing they had played certain songs (like "A Farewell to Arms," "Blood of the Zodiac," "Descend the Shades of Night," & "Struck a Nerve"). However, this setlist was fantastic! They played just under 2 hours, and as long as they play "Ten Ton Hammer," I will leave happy.

Machine Head setlist

I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
Be Still & Know
Beautiful Mourning
The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
This is the End
Aesthetics of Hate
Darkness Within
Ten Ton Hammer
Who We Are

01-22-2012, 07:32 PM
Hell Yeah man it was one hell of the show.