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Right, so, about a decade ago, a 12 year old me was handed SCUM and From Enslavement To Obliteration on the one CD by my older brother as I was getting into metal the standard, commercial route, and he wanted to scare me a little. It worked. I listened to that CD a lot back in the day, absolutely fascinated by the fact that it seemed to be constantly dancing a fine line between out and out noise and awesome death metal groove. It is largely why I listen to death/thrash metal the most out of any style of music, and why I will always have at least an appreciation for any band with the same kind of D.I.Y attitude as ND, I think its something that gets tragically over-looked within the industry, when a band really does take no prisoners and does it their own way and no one else's. Anyway, fast forward a decade, and parents splitting up, deaths in the family, serious drug addiction (none of which I was directly involved in, of course), and I'm finally getting to see the mighty Napalm Death live, and disappoint, they did fucking not.

We got to the venue, Whelan's, a small bar/venue a couple of minutes from Dublin city center, about 7:30, doors opened at 7, so the first band, an Irish band by the name of 20 Bulls Each, were already knee deep in their set. Fairly boring stuff if I'm honest, but they had a sort of hardcore edge that made them suitable for a Napalm death show. They finish pretty quick and I checked out merch, 25 euro for a hoodie is 25 euro well spent at a gig if you ask me.

Next up, a Belfast band called Zombified (http://www.facebook.com/zombifieduk), these guys were fairly standard death metal, but were tight as hell and were the first band to get the crowd going at all. They've been around a little while and had a few cds and merchandise, but I said I'd catch them again to pick stuff up, tonight was all about Napalm for me.

The last support band were Abaddon Incarnate, another Belfast death/grind band, but these guys were older, and were seen as a pillar of the Irish death/grind scene, since their first album came out in 1997. these guys were BRUTAL. Really heavy stuff, with a 3 pronged vocal attack that seared at your ear drums in the right sort of way. These guys were the perfect direct support to Napalm, and the crowd loved it, myself included, definitely gonna check these guys out in the future.

After all that wait, it was time for the death/grind kings to show themselves, and show everyone how its done, and my god was it amazing. From 'Unchallenged Hate' to 'Suffer The Children', Napalm were a force to be reckoned with, and the crowd loved every second of it, crowd-surfing, stage diving, moshing, the place exploded, and I loved every second of it. Barney is a great frontman, very easy to like and listen to, and he has a great rap-ore with the crowd, who were at his beck and call. This was an hour and 15 minutes of the heaviest live music I think I have ever listened to, there was just no stopping Napalm, and they proved WHY they are still here after all these years, and WHY they are still relevant as well. I genuinely can't explain in words how good they are, you just have to see them to know what its like, which is something I implore everyone on this board to do.

Of course, the crowd sing-along for 'You Suffer' was the highlight of the night ;)


Intro - Downbeat Clique
Unchallenged Hate
Continuing War on Stupidity
Next On The List
When All Is Said and Done
Lucid Fairytale
Quarantined (new song)
Social Sterility
Life and Limb
Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter cover)
The Code Is Red... Long Live the Code
Mentally Murdered
On the Brink of Extinction
Conform (Siege cover)
You Suffer
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)

Suffer the Children
Silence Is Deafening

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I love that set. :party: