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Surmounting Terror
11-26-2011, 07:01 PM
Kyuss Lives! -- Portland, OR -- November 21, 2011 Roseland Theater

Black Cobra
The Sword

Awesome show. Bought a shirt. I'm so glad I was there.

I arrived to catch the final two songs from BC and then came YOB.

I didn't know anything about YOB but they put on a good 30 min set and had a fairly good following in attendance.

By the time The Sword hit the stage, the Roseland was pretty well filled (much more than when I caught Sword here last year on their Warp Riders tour).

Great set from the Sword (order is probably not correct).

How Heavy This Axe
Arrows In The Dark :rocker:
Tres Brujas
Night City
Chronomancer II:Nemesis
Barael's Blade

Then came KYUSS...

I was so pumped when This tour was announced, having not seen them back in the 90's. They sounded great. John's voice sounded really good. Great energy in the room. Though it would have been cool to see Kyuss with Scott Reeder on bass, Nick did a great job. John thanked the crowd for making it out on a Monday night. I was about third row in front of Bruno, but made it to the rail for the final three tunes plus the encore.

They played all the cuts I was hoping for (heavy on Sky Valley.. Very Nice!). Including Demon Cleaner which it seems only recently popped up in their set.

10:40 - 12:15

One Inch Man
Freedom Run
Supa Scoopa And Mighty Scoop
Fatso Forgotso :eek:
Conan Troutman
Odyssey :rocker:
El Rodeo
100 Degrees
Molten Universe
Allen's Wrench
Green Machine

11-27-2011, 04:32 PM
DEMON CLEANER :bowdown: :drool:

I'm contemplating going see this tour next Saturday night in Pontiac, Michigan. It's a hell of a drive, and the ticket price is a bit high (but not TOO bad, I guess), but there is always the possibility of a stop at the MGM on the way home. I wonder if my buddy who lives in Toledo would be interested...

'scuse me - I gotta go make a phone call. ;)

12-29-2011, 08:20 PM
YOB's set from youtube clips

1. Prepare The Ground
2. Upon Sight Of The Other Shore
3. Adrift In The Ocean