View Full Version : HammerFall -- Stockholm, Sweden -- October 29th, 2011

11-05-2011, 04:15 PM
01. Patient Zero
02. Heeding the Call
03. Any Means Necessary
04. B.Y.H.
05. Blood Bound
06. Let's Get It On
07. Last Man Standing
08. Renegade
09. Always Will Be
10. Dia De Los Muertos
11. Riders of the Storm
12. Steel Meets Steel
13. Legacy of Kings
14. Let the Hammer Fall
15. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
16. The Templar Flame
17. Glory to the Brave
18. One More Time
19. Hearts on Fire

11-05-2011, 04:56 PM
That's a pretty solid set. I'd be pretty satisfied with anything they play though. It's great to see The Templar Flame in there. Steel Meets Steel is another one that I didn't quite expect. The only complaint I have is Last Man Standing. I don't get why they play it at every show. It's decent, but I prefer nearly every other HammerFall song to it.