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10-28-2011, 11:17 AM
Eastern Pennsylvania Melodic Metal band Necromance is proud to announce their plans to release their first full-length CD entitled "Mask of Lies" in late 2012. The band is going to be entering Brian J. Anthony Studios in Catasaqua, PA in February of 2012 to begin tracking the album, which will be mastered at SLS Studios (Wollongong, Australia) by LORD/ex-Dungeon guitarist/vocalist "Lord" Tim Grose, who is also set to play a guest solo on the disc. Sinister Realm bassist and friend of the band John Gaffney is also going to lay down the bass tracks. Below is the official tracklisting for the album, though track times are estimated.

01 Never Look Back (5:45)

02 Breaking the Chains (6:30)

03 This Holy War (5:55)

04 Cosmic Overture (3:45)

05 Fading Skies (6:00)

06 Mask of Lies (5:30)

07 Dark City (11:20)

08 Remember (5:10)

09 Destiny Calls (8:40)

The band is very, very excited to get into the studio and finally bring things together. The album's tracklisting is a mix of the band's best older material (from 2005-2008) as well as several songs that have only been played live a handful of times in the past year, and the band's first true epic composition in the form of "Dark City", which has not yet even been played live. Fans of the band will recognize "Remember" from the acoustic version on the 2009 Never Look Back demo CD, but the version on this record will be the rocking, full-band version that was intended from the start, though stil laden with piano and acoustic guitars. The band has lately been pushing their stylistic envelope in all directions, and is ready to take the world by storm with this strong batch of diverse, but 100% "Necromance" songs.

Official Website (http://www.necromancetheband.com)
Reverb Nation Page (http://www.reverbnation.com/necromance)
Official Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Necromance/56845587696)

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10 Babykiller (Devourment cover) (4:30)

Can't wait to hear this! :D

But seriously, this is awesome!

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Can't wait to hear this! :D

But seriously, this is awesome!

Nice, haha.

Thanks for the positive responses! I'm really, really excited to get the ball rolling with this.

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Congrats man! :party::rocker:

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Just confirmed early today:

We begin tracking drums on Saturday February 25th! We aim to track from then through March and April - probably begin mixing/mastering through May and June, and have the release in maybe August. All tentative for now, save for that date we begin tracking.

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