View Full Version : Blue Oyster Cult -- Mt. Pocono, PA -- October 22nd, 2011

10-22-2011, 09:53 PM
Gypsies Lounge of Mt. Airy Lodge

"floor" tickets ($40) were for five rows of chairs set up in front of the stage: front two rows were reserved for casino VIPs, i imagine. "mezzanine" tix ($25) were theater-type permanent seats slightly elevated, located behind those on the floor; frankly, these would have afforded an experience practically the same as the more expensive ones. four large display TVs transmitted the show as an additional feature.

set went fast: i was surprised when i checked the time, however, as they had played for well over an hour. these guys STILL kick ass!!!

the red and the black
golden age of leather
ME 262
burnin' for you
harvest moon
buck's boogie
last days of may
godzilla (w/ rudy's bass solo and drum solo)
a short solo by buck
don't fear the reaper

cities on flame