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10-22-2011, 04:29 AM
This is my best attempt at remembering the set. All the songs I have are correct, the order might be a little off at points.
Rolling Papers
Tron Cat
? (first time being played in some time,Domo forgot the lyrics)
?(first time being played in some time,Tyler forgot the lyrics)
Tang Golf
Orange Juice
Turnt Down
Bitch Suck Dick
Double Cheeseburger
Fuck The Police
Earl (outro)

Great fucking show. A hell of an experience for my first rap show. Syd came out and did her 15 minute DJ set before they came on. People were going apeshit when she played "Drop". Soon after, Odd Future came out and give it 110% with a high-energy, fun set. The whole group had a great stage presence and was completely hilarious in between songs. They had this stuffed wizard named Harold on stage that Tyler and Hodgy kept throwing out in the crow and eventually just destroyed (I was in the back of the venue and my shoes were still covered in stuffing from it). The set was pretty fucking good. Orange Juice was easily the highlight for me, that song is probably my favorite from OFWGKTA. The crowd was decent. A shitload of hipsters and a few assholes, but it was fine for the most part. The crowd was going nuts the whole show, but the energy peaked during "Orange Juice", "French!", and "Yonkers" (obviously). This was first time going to the Royale and it's a pretty good venue. Really, really upscale place that kind of looks like a fancy dungeon. The only downside is that's it's a nightclub and the floor is elevated. I think I got knocked off about 15-20 times due to the moshing and overall crowd movement. A metal show at this venue (which are very rare), must be complete fucking chaos. Overall, I had a great time and OFWGKTA was good way to pop my rap show cherry.

OFWGKTA 8.5/10

10-22-2011, 08:44 AM
GodDAMN, this tour sounds amazing. :(