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10-18-2011, 04:29 PM
First review, 14th time seeing DT....usually play Tower when headlining Philly but played at the smaller Merriam Theater downtown this time around. Some empty 4th level seats, but overall crowd was into the set. Periphery was playing 2nd of two night fill in slot for Trivium. They we kind of generic prog metal.

DT has been playing lots of new songs this tour and this night was no exception as almost half the set was from the new cd. Nothing from Black Clouds all tour from what I have seen. LaBrie was in good voice and rest of the band were their normal amazing selves. New drummer's solo spotlight was interesting and he is clearly enjoying playing in the band, though Portnoy's stage presence is missed. Highlights included Endless Sacrifice, Silent Man, Outcry, Breaking All Illusions

Venue: Merriam Theater
Support: Periphery

2.Letter Experiment
3.Jetpacks Was Yes!
6.Icarus Lives!

Dream Theater (0830 - 1030)

Dream Is Collapsing
(Hans Zimmer song)
1.Bridges in the Sky
2.These Walls
3.Build Me Up, Break Me Down
4.Endless Sacrifice :rocker:
5.Drum Solo
6.The Ytse Jam
7.The Silent Man
8.Beneath the Surface

10.On the Backs of Angels
12.Through My Words
13.Fatal Tragedy
14.Breaking All Illusions
15.Under a Glass Moon

10-18-2011, 09:27 PM
Periphery was playing 2nd of two night fill in slot for Trivium. They we kind of generic prog metal.

You lucky motherfucker! :eek: I would take Periphery over Trivium any day of the week. They're a great band; HIGHLY recommend checking their stuff out.

10-19-2011, 06:58 AM
they have a song called "Jetpacks was yes!"? REALLY?

I know black metal can have some pretty pretentious song titles but this one... I don't even know what the hell

10-19-2011, 07:35 AM
This was my 15th DT show. This is also the first time I've only gone to one show on a DT tour, because (A) they aren't rotating the setlists very much; and (B) tickets were $76 this year. (Tickets were $54 in 2006 and $57 in 2008.)

Security was really tight, and they were really strict about cameras. Still, I managed to snap a few pictures.

When LaBrie spoke in between songs, it sounded like he had a cold. But it didn't seem to impact his performance at all. He did mention it was their first time performing at the Merriam Theater, and that they usually performed at the Tower Theater "in the ghetto". :lol:

I have mixed feelings about the setlist. On the positive side, I like the new album, so it was nice to see so many new songs. (Especially because if they do re-unite with Portnoy sometime in the future, you have to wonder if these songs will ever be played again.) It was awesome to see The Ytse Jam and The Silent Man because I had never seen those songs live before. And I'll never get tired of hearing Endless Sacrifice or Fatal Tragedy.

On the negative side, These Walls and Forsaken are not very good live songs, and they really drained the energy out of the setlist for me. I understand that they're trying to play some "rarer" songs (rather than playing Panic Attack and Constant Motion for the millionth time), and that is definitely appreciated. But there are so many better songs they could have played instead, like 6:00, Caught in a Web, The Great Debate, Sacrificed Sons, etc. Also, I like Under a Glass Moon but it doesn't work very well as an encore. Take the Time or Learning to Live would have been better.

10-19-2011, 07:54 AM
Are they still rotating some songs in the set? Caught In A Web was being rotated with Forsaken, which is about as uneven a trade as the Patriots trading Tom Brady for Chad Henne. I think Glass Moon is being rotated with Pull Me Under and I believe there were two more being rotated.

I always found These Walls to be a strange selection for the second song. It's just too mid tempo to be that soon in the set. Just take it out and put Caught In A Web in it's place:rocker:

10-19-2011, 08:04 AM
At some shows they are swapping out The Silent Man/Beneath The Surface/Forsaken/Under a Glass Moon in favor of Wait For Sleep/Far From Heaven/Caught in a Web/Pull Me Under.