View Full Version : Sabaton -- Springfield, VA -- October 17th, 2011

10-18-2011, 09:03 AM
Went to see SABATON last night at JAXX. (local female fronted power-ish) A SOUND OF THUNDER opened for them. About the same amount of people that showed up for FIREWIND last week- maybe a few more. This was the last night of the tour for SABATON

Merch- various shirts, a hoodie, some CDs ($20... a bit more expensive than anticipated), and a um... drum head? I didn't particularly like any of the designs they had.

A SOUND OF THUNDER came on and did a pretty good set (They had some newish song that I recall them playing but do not recall it being as thrashy that I rather enjoyed!). A very solid and LONGER than usual set, tho something in the mix sounded a bit off. Regardless an enjoyable set.

The Final Countdown came on, and I think that meant SABATON (Swedes) were coming out shortly. Say what you will but I enjoy Europe... SABATON came on and the crowd went apeshit. a pretty hectic pit was present for the first few songs at least- enough to the point that a security dude rolled up and kind of told the one intoxicated instigator to take it easy...

Their bass player was apparently replaced for this date by some guy who looked like Bret Michaels- which the singer pointed out several times over the night. At one point, 'Bret' took a break and the singer played bass on a few songs. Then, at the end, they started to play Metal Machine, but 'Bret' was having trouble with it- he never played it before- the 'prank' from the rest of Sabaton on him. They instead played METAL RIPPER.

There was a LOT of energy for SABATAON and a lot given from the band as well- they seemed rather happy! I liked their 'uniform' look as well.


Tubular bells intro
Fight Til the End
(song about Pirates?)
(song about Queen Isabella that I know they've done before but can't recall the name ?)
Blood Vomit
Guitar solo (w/ parts of BALLS TO THE WALL, victim of changes, mob rules)
The Beast
Kill that Bitch
Out of the Darkness
A Sound of Thunder


Ghost Division
Screaming Eagles
The Price of a Mile
Purple Heart
Attero Dominatus
Cliffs of Gallipoli
Panzer Battalion
Coat of Arms
Primo Victoria