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09-10-2011, 11:59 AM
Curse the Gods
Mad Butcher
Hate Is My Fuel
Eternal Ban
Life Without Sense
Thrash Till Death
Nailed to the Cross
Metal Discharge
Drum Solo
Tears of Blood
Death Trap (Audience got to pick between Death Trap and Invincible Force)

Bestial Invasion
Total Desaster
Fuck the USA (The Exploited)
The Butcher Strikes Back

Me and my friends arrived half an hour before the scheduled start, but due to some lineup changes that I'll talk about later on in this review, management decided to only let us in at around half past eight (an hour late) instead of letting us in out of the freezing cold and drizzle. Around 7:15, a white van pulled up right to the doors of the club and Schmier got out, and signed a few autographs (for yours truly included) in true superstar fashion. That got the crowd riled up and fifteen minutes later they started letting us in. Me and my friends got rail spots (left side) and awaited the opening act. My first visit to the venue, XO (coming back for Napalm Death, Altar of Plagues, Alestorm, and Vreid), the only complaint I have is that where the stage ends (around shoulder level for me) a line of speakers line the stage, meaning I can't snap a photo of a setlist or see anything on the floor of the stage. Otherwise, the club is pretty good for a small-size club in Moscow, with much better sound than the other two that metal bands usually play at (Tochka and Plan B). The first band to perform was local band Marybeth, and their look was way out of sync with their sound. Each band member apart from the vocalist looked like he belonged in a band of a different genre, and the singer's glasses just didn't fit the metal they were playing. While my British friend (who had never been to a legit thrash show before) was headbanging his ass off, me and my Russian friend looked at Marybeth in amusement. They're actually okay for a local band - Russian metal tends to suck unless you're Arkona or Ease of Disgust. The next (and last) support band was supposed to be Manic Depression... but they cancelled for unknown reasons. Instead of them coming out for soundcheck, the crew started putting up Destruction flags around the drumkit, and thus REALLY began the night. Destruction were fucking INCREDIBLE. A million times better than Bodom the night before, they kicked the crowd's ASS. Every song played was another audial violation of the senses... fucking brilliant. For the last song of the main set, Schmier let the audience pick a song - some guy called out Thrash Till Death, and Schmier started scolding him for not paying attention earlier on when they played it. The venue has a no-crowdsurfing policy, and boy did everyone break that rule. There were more crowdsurfers than at a core show, that shit was fucking hilarious. For every crowd-surfer that a tech guy pushed back into the crowd, two more got on stage. After tonight, it's safe to say thrash is still aliving and kicking. \m/

Coming up soon: Helloween with Stratovarius, Napalm Death, BTBAM with AAL, and then comes the orgy that is October :rocker:

09-10-2011, 12:30 PM
I can so imagine this:

Schmier: What do you guys want to hear next?
Random guy: Thrash Till Death
Schmier: You fucking idiot! We already played that! Don't you dare talk again or I'll throw you in an oven!!

:lol: I can't help but make fun of his German accent

09-10-2011, 02:14 PM
Fuck the USA (The Exploited)

Ha ha WOW I never knew they played that cover live. The crossover punk/thrashers must have been eating that shit up

09-10-2011, 05:17 PM
After tonight, it's safe to say thrash is still aliving and kicking. \m/

Well no shit. Come up to Chicago and bask in the neo-thrash kids.