View Full Version : New Riot album - Immortal Soul

09-09-2011, 01:32 AM
From Blabbermouth a couple days ago. I'm beyond excited for this, it's a reunion of the Thundersteel/Privilege of Power lineup. :party:


Release dates: October 21 Japan; October 26 Scandinavia; October 28 Germany; October 31 in the rest of Europe; and November 22 in the U.S.


01. Riot
02. Still Your Man
03. Crawling
04. Wings Are For Angels
05. Fall Before Me
06. Sins Of The Father
07. Majestica
08. Immortal Soul
09. Insanity
10. Whiskey Man
11. Believe
12. Echoes


09-09-2011, 02:00 AM
I know nothing of these guys except they are from the US. It's weird they would release a cd in Japan a month before the US gets it release. Most cds get released a few days before other countries, but not a month