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08-19-2011, 11:09 PM
This was Diamond Plate's album release show! If you haven't heard of Diamond Plate, they are a thrash metal band from Chicago that take their own twist on the genre. It's hard to describe but it's awesome. Months ago they had gotten signed to Earache Records and their debut LP Generation Why? was released a few weeks ago.

They had a music video shoot for their song At the Mountains of Madness before the show. The doors were open at 2:30 for the video shoot, went til 4:30 and the doors opened for the show at 5:30. Unfortunately, the video shoot was not what I had in mind.

The turnout was really good, but the video shoot itself wasn't that great. It took them forever to set up, and we all had to sign a waiver before we went in. Now, if you don't know Reggies in Chicago, they have a strict policy of no stage diving or crowd surfing. We all thought that the waiver would permit us to actually crowd surf/stage dive for the video shoot only. Well we made it through one take before they told us that the waiver was to agree to be video taped and posted on the internet. There was NOTHING about permitting stage diving or crowd surfing, which is what we all had in mind when they said that on the facebook event page. So the video shoot got boring after that and I noticed a lot of people leaving. I did crowd surf and stage dive once so hopefully they got me doing that and I'm in the video, if not, well I enjoyed doing it while I could in that venue!

Anyway, on to the actual show. The first band that opened up was a band called Terror in His Presence. I didn't really like them that much, the vocals were really metalcore like and I just didn't dig them. They did a pretty good cover of Carcass's Heartwork but the vocals ruined it. And of course, they just had to remind me of my biggest pet peeve of local bands: Yelling at the crowd to have people mosh. For fucks sake you're just opening a show and no one knows about you, no one's gonna give a shit and go out of their way to mosh. But I'm not gonna rant about that now. Anyway, they weren't really my thing.

The next band was Vindicator, and they were some solid speed/thrash. I really don't know what else to say about them except that they were great.

Up next was Lich King. I'm sure some people on here have heard of them, and I had too but never listened to them. I wasn't really expecting anything special from another neo-thrash band, but HOLY SHIT they were amazing live! The sound was perfect and they had a fuck ton of energy up there. Apparently they were at a movie theater in my town last night for the midnight showing of Conan, but I couldn't make it. But yeah, these guys were incredible and if they come back I will definitely see them again! I encourage you all to do the same!

Lich King set list (taken from the one my friend caught):

All Hail
Act of War
The Four Horsemen (Metallica cover)
Play With Me (partial - Extreme cover)
World Gone Dead
Combat Mosh
Black Metal Sucks

A band called High Spirits was next but I was outside hanging with people while they were playing. Apparently they were very good, but I was just excited for Diamond Plate to come on.

And finally, after years of hard work and dedication, it's come to this. Diamond Plate headlining a packed Reggies! It had been a while since they had played here, so this was one hell of a welcome back! Diamond Plate are always great live. They have incredible energy and stage presence and can get the crowd moving easy. Unfortunately they couldn't convince Reggie's to let people crowd surf and stage dive for their set but some people did anyway and, of course, got kicked out. But with that being said, the crowd was great to the band and vice versa. They played all of Generation Why? in it's entirety plus an older song from their very first demo and a cover of The Four Horsemen. Didn't really care for another cover of it that night to be honest, but they still put on one hell of a show.

Also, to all people going to the Warbringer/Landmine Marathon tour in the fall: Diamond Plate are opening all the shows, and I encourage you to watch their set! You will not be disappointed!

Diamond Plate set list:

Entertainment Today
Generation Why?
Pull the Trigger
Tomb With a View
A Fool's Paradise
Relativity :rocker:
Waste of Life
Casualty of War
More Than Words
At the Mountains of Madness
Empire Tomorrow
Descent/Maelstrom (? - I'm pretty sure it was this, not too familiar with their first demo)
The Four Horsemen (Metallica cover)

All in all, a great show and an awesome night!

08-20-2011, 05:47 AM
They played Fool's Paradise (not sure where in the set, though)

08-20-2011, 08:41 AM
They played Fool's Paradise (not sure where in the set, though)

Shit, forgot about that one. I was tired as hell when I wrote this haha