View Full Version : Hell on Earth -- Portland, OR -- August 5th, 2011

Wrecking Crew
08-08-2011, 08:44 AM
Venue: Memorial Coliseum
Source: Me
Setlist was the same as has been posted for the other stops on this tour, so I'll just stick to a review. First was Exodus, who I will only waste one sentence on since they refuse to play anything from Pleasures of the Flesh, their best album IMHO.
Next was Zombie, who I had never seen before. While it was quite a spectacle, I think he relies too much on video screens and special effects as many times during the show, I didn't even notice where he was and didn't care. Good things, he played most of what I wanted to hear except Electric Head Pt. 1 and a couple other tracks from Astro Creep. Bad things, the show was barely over an hour and felt padded even then. You shouldn't have a guitar solo and drum solo in a short co-headlining set. It was a decent show but I'm not sure I'd see it again.
A lengthy 36 minutes after Zombie finished, the real reason I was here finally came on. I have listened to Slayer for 21 years but had never seen them. It was the opposite of Zombie, with little crowd interaction and no video screens or fancy stuff. Slayer brought the goods though and played great, although the sound wasn't the best and there were some technical sound problems, especially early on. The spoken word part in the middle of World Painted Blood was completely inaudible for the most part and I don't know if it was part of the plan for the song to start and then the curtain came down. Good parts of the setlist, nothing from God Hates Us All or Christ Illusion. Bad parts, nothing from Hell Awaits or Diabolus and only one from Divine Intervention. Another bad part, I didn't like the way they cut Raining Blood in half and finished it later, that song is too awesome to mess with it like that. It was an interesting vibe for the Slayer show as I ended up sitting by a family, there were two parents and two kids (daughter and son) who were all super into the show. I didn't think of it as a family show but that's cool somebody else did.
Bad part as a whole, the arena sound was so loud that it sounded super distorted on the good looking videos I took, has anyone else had this problem filming big arena gigs?