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07-26-2011, 12:22 PM
Am I posting the first country set on metalsetlists? Fuck it, this show meant a lot to me. It was at Pat's Cocktails in North Hollywood. Before I go into my review, Jason and the Punknecks play outlaw country infused punk. Their cds have more of a folk punk sound to them, but thye sped it up live, so it sounded like an acoustic hardcore band at times. I loved it so much.

Anyways, I'm going to explain what happened to me before the show so you all can see why this show was meaningful. The girl I've been seeing for a few months basically walked out of my life yesterday, a few hours before the show. I felt like shit, but knew the show would help clear my head. I hit up a few of my close friends and they were all down to go to the show with me but all off them bailed on my around 8:30. I felt even shittier cause it seemed like I was just ditched by all the people I care about. I knew going out to the bar alone to get fucked up was a bad idea, but I had no other choice at that point.

I arrived at the bar around 9:30 when the first band was just starting. They were called Blue Jeans and Khaki Pants. I went and grabbed a drink and noticed the ladies working the bar were fucking beautiful:lovedup: I started to watch the band and Jason from the Punknecks walked up to me and started talking to me cause I was wearing my Jayke Orvis shirt. He was cool talking to, he soon went outside, so I went back to watching the band. BJKP were an awesome honky tonk band from the east coast. They played some raunchy country songs and I loved every moment of it. At this point, I was starting to forget about all my troubles I mentioned earlier and was finally starting to feel good. There's something about good honky tonk music that just makes me feel better. I bought a cd from them after the show cause they were awesome.

Partial Setlist:

Down to Fuck
First Time Every Time
Black White Gay

At this point there was a break between bands. The bassist and drummer for BJKP also played for the Punknecks. I went outside for a smoke and remembered my friends had ditched me, so I was that awkward guy in the corner alone :lol: Polly from the Punknecks saw me and came up to me and started talking to me. She is a goddess :lovedup: So beautiful and sweet. It was really nice talking to her for a bit. The Punknecks went on a few minutes later and played a nice long set. I knew most of the songs they played, but there were a few I just couldn't put a name to or just guessed a name for it. I'm going to update the set as I remember the songs. The cover songs were very very random but awesome haha

Better Part of Me
Seen This Before
Doin Time
Like a G6(Far East Movement)
Dead Man
Jack and Wine
Pucker Up
Drinking All Night
Whiskey and Sin
Won't You Sin
Heaven and Hell
Better Off Dead
Something Brings Me Down
I'm So High
Memphis Train
Boyz in the Hood(Eazy E)
When I'm Dead
Here I Am
One Day

After the show, Polly and Jason thanked me for coming out to the show. I talked to them for a long time, then drove home when I was sober enough. I felt very good at this point. All that I was being emo about earlier that day seemed to be off my mind. I guess a good honky tonk punk show is all I need to take me out of a shitty mood :D

07-26-2011, 12:30 PM
We are here for you, Vegan! :hug:

And I can't say I'm a fan of country, but your reviews are always awesome. Sounds cool.

07-26-2011, 12:37 PM
Thanks man!:D I'm fine now. I was just in a "fml" mood yesterday and the show made me feel better. I guess that's why it meant a lot to me. Putting me in a good mood also kept me from drinking too much to drive home safely:lol:

07-27-2011, 01:08 PM
Fucking kidding me? Its a hillbilly punk band, this shouldn't have been moved..I put my review in. People post non metal setlists all the time and don't review it...