View Full Version : Yob -- Raleigh, NC -- July 18th, 2011

07-19-2011, 08:42 AM
This show was so much fun. I brought my buddy Kris along for his birthday, even though he had never listened to any of the bands that were playing.

US Christmas opened the show, and it was a slow start (ha!) to the show... the music was overall forgettable and uninspired. Whatever.

Dark Castle came on soon after and proceeded to rape my hearing with their crunchy guitar tone. Even if the guitar overpowered everything else sound wise, they did extremely well.

Dark Castle setlist:

Surrender to All Life Beyond Form
Stare Into Absence
Awake In Sleep
Seeing Through Time
Into The Past
Flight Beyond

And then, the almighty YOB! Mike was like a giant riffing teddy bear, and extremely humbling on stage. "Atma" sounded incredible live, and that main chugging riff... holy shit. After they played "The Great Cessation," they took a quick break but never really left the stage. I called for "Grasping Air," and Mike looked at me, smiled, and proceeded to play the opening notes to the song. I fucking lost it, hahaha. Stevie didn't come out to do vocals for that song, thank goodness. No offense to her, I just prefer Mike's vocal work on the song than her live version I've been seeing recently.

My poor ears. This show plus the Torche/Big Business show this past Friday have pulverized my hearing. Damn, it was worth it, though.

Yob setlist:

Quantum Mystic
Prepare the Ground
Burning the Altar (!!!)
The Great Cessation :light:
Grasping Air

Please go see this show if you have a chance to.