View Full Version : Bad Medicine -- Akron, OH -- July 1st, 2011

07-02-2011, 08:44 AM
Source: Me

Set 1, 8:30-9:30
Raise your hands
You give love a bad Name
Born to be my baby
Who says you can't go home
In these arms
I'll be there for you (lead guitarest on vocals)
Have a nice day
Keep the faith

Set 2, 10:00-11:00
In and Out of Love
Blood on Blood
Its my Life
Stick to your guns (acoustic)
Wanted dead or alive
Blaze of Glory
Livin' on a prayer
Bad Medicine
wild in the streets

This was honestly a really fun show, and even better it was free. It might not have been the real thing, but hell it was still really enjoyable.

We were right near the stage, and the band really got the crowd going. They were told there were like 8,00 people there, not sure if there really were but there were a lot.

It was awesome to listen to the crowd sing along to songs like livin' on a prayer, wanted dead or alive, and bed medicine.

Right after bad medicine the keyboardest played like the first 5 chords of runaway and then stopped, I honestly thought the crowd was gonna rush the stage because they thought they were kidding because before bad medicine he'd said it was their last song. But they did play it.

Between runaway and wild in the streets he actually proposed for some guy to his girlfriend in the crowd. She fortunately said yes, how embarrassed would that guy have been if she'd said no? in front of 8,00 people and all.

The encore song was a request from the crowd, the two choices were between that and never say goodbye. They obviously settled on wild in the streets. Not what I would have chosen, but it is what it is. I would have loved to hear something like these days.