View Full Version : Dream Foo Fighters/ Rise Against set

06-21-2011, 06:08 PM
Foo fighters and Rise Against are touring or will be starting their tour soon I know people here like the Foo Fighters, not sure how many care about Rise Against.

Rise Against
Re- Education(Through Labor)
Long Forgotten Sons
Tip The Scales
Make It Stop(Septembers Children)
Chamber The Cartridge
Worth Dying For
Help Is On The Way
Black Masks & Gasoline
The Dirt Whispered
Audience Of One

Foo Fighters
No Way Back
Monkey Wrench
Learn To Fly
Bridge Burning
My Hero
Alone + Easy Target
Live-In Skin
Miss The Misery
Come Back
Cold Day In The Sun
Wind Up
I'll Stick Around
The Pretender
Hey, Johnny Park!
Let It Die
Dear Roasmary
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)
White Limo
Times Like These
All My Life
Back & Forth

07-01-2011, 11:02 AM
Love both bands. It will be my first time seeing foo fighters though and seeing the amount of songs they have played recently it has made it my most anticipated show of the year.

As far as the sets are concerened I'll be happy with anything but there are a couple songs I really want to see.

For rise against it is swing life away and most everything of siren songs of a counter culture. I haven't seen this band since warped tour years back. Things got intense.

Foo fighters I want the sets I've seen posted recently plus these days.

07-12-2011, 01:49 AM
Only really a fan of the Foos, so...

1. The Pretender
2. No Way Back
3. Stacked Actors
4. Rope
5. Enough Space
6. DOA
7. Wattershed
8. Hey, Johnny Park!
9. All My Life
10. Learn To Fly
11. These Days
12. Breakout
13. My Hero
14. Arlandria
15. Generator
16. Back & Forth
17. Band On The Run (Wings Cover)
18. Wheels
19. Cold Day In The Sun
20. Skin & Bones
21. Dear Rosemary

Encore 1
22. For All The Cows
23. Let It Die
24. Times Like These
25. Low
26. Best Of You
27. Everlong

Encore 2
28. This Is A Call
29. Darling Nikki (Prince Cover)
30. Walk
31. Monkey Wrench