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06-15-2011, 01:19 AM
Didn't see a setlist for this tour yet so I thought I'd put one up. Tull has been performing (almost) all of Aqualung on this tour, and it was pretty great to see. This was at the Mountain Winery, a ridiculously fancy amphitheater/winery that caters to an audience of rich retired middle age men who made it big during the dot-com boom. Me and my two friends (one 17 and two 18 year olds) were probably the youngest group of people there. The venue had perfect acoustics, and its seats all had great views of the stage. The quality of the venue alone was surprisingly worth the 80 dollar ticket.

Ian Anderson is still a maniac on stage. If he wasn't hopping on one foot, he was machine-gunning the audience Steve Harris-style with a tiny acoustic guitar, or doing flying kicks into the audience. Needless to say, his stage presence was awesome and at many points, extremely hilarious. Martin Barre, much to my surprise, unleashed his shreddy side. He played his main solos right, but managed to accent them with sweep picking, crazy minor scale runs and pinch harmonics. His tone was absolutely killer too, very VERY fat and meaty. His only screw up of the night was sadly on his famous solo during Aqualung when he strummed a double-stop one fret too low. It was jarring enough to elicit a half-second long "ooh" from the audience. The other members of the band did their job fine for lack of more descriptive adjectives.

The band played two sets, both a little over 50 minutes long. Why they didn't simply do an hour and 40 minute set I truly have no idea. The setlist was neat considering that Aqualung comprised a solid part of it (nothing from Heavy Horses made me sad however). Cross Eyed Mary, Thick As A Brick, My God and Budapest were the total highlights. Martin's solo during Budapest was especially awesome. Also, the first half of Hymn 43 was done as a Celtic folk tune with a mandolin instead of Martin's axe (yeah I know, what the hell?) but Martin got his guitar out for the second half of the song and it sounded great from there on it. During every song (except Aqualung) Ian got plenty of time to solo on his flute, and dude just went nuts. I don't even know how, but he sort of hummed and fluted at the same time at some points. There was even one instance when I heard him snort and flute simultaneously. WTF. Locomotive Breath was a great encore, and and even included a random fast part in the middle of it that was pretty neat. The crowd loved the band, we must have given them four or five standing ovations. Overall, really fun concert, I just wished they had stayed on stage for a full length, and hopefully when (or if, I suppose I should say, this was their first time in the Bay Area in years) we'll get a more balanced set-list.

1. Living In The Past
2. Thick As A Brick (abridged version, not the single edit, but about 10 some odd minutes long)
3. Beggar's Farm
4. Up To Me
5. Cheap Day Return
6. Mother Goose
7. Wond'ring Aloud
8. Farm On The Freeway
9. Bouree
10. Songs From the Wood
11. Hymn 43 (half Irish jig/folk version???)
12. Cross Eyed Mary
13. My God
14. Budapest
15. Aqualung
16. Locomotive Breath

06-15-2011, 01:22 AM
Damn, that setlist is close to perfect.

EDIT: Says the guy with a Mother Goose lyric for a signature. Forgot how proudly I've been wearing my Tull love on my sleeve this past month. :lol:

06-15-2011, 05:51 AM
I wish I could see this tour.

06-15-2011, 08:20 AM
I wish I could see this tour.

+ 1 setlists looks great

06-15-2011, 08:45 PM
2. Thick As A Brick (abridged version, not the single edit, but about 10 some odd minutes long)


^ This.

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^ This.