View Full Version : Youth of Today -- Pomona, CA -- June 6th, 2011

06-07-2011, 01:20 AM
Show was at the Glass House. I bought my ticket for this months ago. Today finally came and I was super excited to finally see Youth of Today. I kicked it in the car with my friend and smoked some weed and drank some beer while I waited for one of my favorite straight edge bands to hit the stage haha. They went on at 1015 and played 50 minutes. Right when they were starting Youth Crew, Ray slipped off the stage and injured himself badly by hitting the railing. I think this may have caused the band to cut a few songs, but he definitely looked like he couldn't handle it anymore. I was cracking up at all the hardcore aerobics going on during the breakdowns. The guy in the wheel chair who stayed in the pit most of the show had some balls!! I was annoyed they didn't played Youth of Today, their fucking theme song and played the Minor Threat theme song instead:mad:

Flame Still Burns
Take a Stand
Make a Change
Thinking Straight
Positive Outlook
Potential Friends
Can't Close My Eyes
No More
I Have Faith
Youth Crew
Time to Remember
Break Down the Wall
New York Crew(Judge w/ Porcell on Vocals)
Young Till Die(7 Seconds)
Minor Threat(Minor Threat)

I guess last night they also played the Glass House too. Instead of Take a Stand, Thinking Straight, Together, I Have Faith, New York Crew, they played Honesty, Youth of Today, One Family, Choose to Be, Stabbed in the Back, Stand Hard, Put it Aside. I now wish I went both nights but oh well. I'll see them again someday.

06-08-2011, 01:34 AM
Oh sweet irony... :stoned: :drinking:

06-09-2011, 11:31 AM
Is Ray still a Krishna (SP???) ????????

Great 7 Seconds tune.
i never saw them live back in the day, maybe they used to always play it?